Our Family

These are the ones we call "The Girls." 
Our pride and joy, our foot warmers and our entertainment. The ones we spoil with treats, toys and attention. And yes, we even let them sleep in bed - sometimes. 

Kahler Jane is 5 years old this year. She was born the day we got engaged on the top of Keystone Mountain while snowboarding. We brought her home in time for Valentines day. She's an angel, and I love her the most. Yes, we have favorites in our house. And Kahler is mine. She goes by Kahler, Kahler Jane, K.J., K.K., Kahler Baylor, Kah Bah, Dora (as in Dora the Explorer) or Care Bear. She loves laying in the sunshine, rolling in the grass, exploring the park near our house, morning scratch time, and treats. She's so in tune with us that she can read our emotions and our thoughts. She's been with us through ups and downs and several moves, and even a new sister. 

Kirby Sue is almost 2 years old. We thought Kahler needed a friend to hang out with during the day, so we decided to try our luck with another female boxer - against the advice of many. But today I couldn't imagine our little family any other way. When this little ball of spots entered our home, we felt complete. She came to us with just two spots on her head, and now she could pass for a dalmation or miniature cow.  Her spots have multiplied and cover her whole little white body. She has the biggest lips and they are painted in what looks like black lipstick. She goes by the name Kirby, Kirby Sue, Spotty Dotty, Princess or just plain crazy. She loves nothing more than spooning with her daddy under the covers after I get up for work, or laying on top of her sister wherever she might be. She loves attention, and bounces around like a crazy little thing when you come home from work. 


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