Mounting a TV

We've noticed an odd trend in our neighborhood. While walking the dogs I thoroughly enjoy the act of "neighbor peeping." Come on - I know you do it too. You walk by and take a quick peek through the open windows and doors of your neighbors homes. I love to see how other people decorate and even the layout of the homes around us. But one thing we've noticed lately is how darn high people are mounting their tv's on the walls. It's absolutely ridiculous!

They look kind of like this - sometimes worse.
Ok - this is just silly - who needs that many tv's!?

It's so high - next to the crown molding!

I'm sorry - did you mistake your home for a sports bar?

Dude - my neck hurts just looking at this!

It's not even mounted on the wall - its mounted from the CEILING!

Unless you are prone on that couch, your neck is gonna hurt. 

Two of our tv's (don't judge - the mister works in electronics so we tend to have lots by default) are mounted on the wall - but at eye level. The other tv sits on a stand and its even lower.

Is there a rule about how high you should mount your tv? Is having it that high going to lead to neck/eye problems for those poor souls? Am I the only one that thinks about these odd things?


Julianna said...

Hmm. Mine's about 1 foot from the ceiling, but we have low ceilings.

Originally, I put it that high because it was over the fire place, AND my kids were small enough to be able to walk in front of it without blocking the view. Now, not so much.

I will say that I never have neck issues, if the couch is propotionatly as far as recommended from the creen size, it's simply a non issue. (We have a 32 inch screen and sit about 20 feet away.)

Linda Throckmorton said...

It was suggested that you figure your screen size needed by multiplying the distance from the tv by 12 then dividing that figure by 3. So if you sit 10 feet from the screen multiply that by 12 = 120...divide by 3...and the screen size suggested is 40 inches.


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