Sister-in-laws are the coolest

Whoopsies - someone's taken a blogging break! It's been a busy month here for us. I was making great progress on my bathroom remodel (you can read about it here, here and here) and then we had these guys come to visit -

Can you believe how big they are getting?! Look at that sharp kid with his hand on his hip - he actually looks like he's having fun! And the little one in blue is SO TALL! And my man in the middle - what a helper!

So all construction and crafting ceased while we played in the mountains, jumped on trampolines, ate smores, went white water rafting, and goofed off! And it was GREAT! I love it when family comes to visit. And the best part wasn't even that my SIL brought an entire case of wine (yes, an ENTIRE CASE!) It was just hanging out with the people we love.

Speaking of SIL - you should see what this girl can do in just a few short days. Now that the kids are back in school she finished up a few projects around the house, including reorganizing the boys' closet.

Check out the before:

She took everything out, added shelving, primed and painted (and we all know how tedious that can be in a closet!) and put the organized clothes back into their new home.

She plans on getting some storage bins for the floor and lower shelves.

I think something likes these would work well

and maybe something with a label so the boys can keep their stuff all organized - even if it isn't folded nicely!

Not bad for a busy mom of three running between multiple schools, multiple sports practices and work!

I wonder if she wants to come back for a visit and help me get organized?!

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