I am my Father's daughter

Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there!

My Pops is a pretty special guy. Growing up, he was a pretty strict dad. My curfew was never late than 9pm - EVER. He always expected top grades from us - ALWAYS. We were involved in multiple sports, choir, band and youth group. But we were never over-programmed. We learned the value of hard work. He had VERY STRICT rules about dating (Funny story - I wasn't allowed to drive alone with a boy when I was 16, so on my first "date" the boy had to bring a friend. Now let's think about this - is it safer for me to ride in a car with one boy, or two? We probably should've rethought that idea!) But with all these rules and high expectations I knew my poppa loved me. There's nothing more that a daughter wants than her poppa's love and approval. And it's crazy that at 30 years old the best thing in the world is getting a hug from my pops and hearing "I love you daughter."

Me and my pops - we're a lot alike. My mom likes to say, "Like father, like daughter."
Mother's Day Weekend - 2011

  • We're both kinda stubborn, but we'll deny it if you ask us
  • We both like to "putter" in the workshop. I remember my dad always being out in the garage doing something, although we didn't always know what. And today I'm the same way. I love to sweep out the garage, organize, clean the work bench, and use the power tools to make things for my home.
  • We both like to garden - although my dad is much better at it than I am. You should have seen their yard at their old house in Nebraska - flowers and flowers galore! Now he's doing flowers and blueberries and other fun stuff with my mom's help. 
  • Watching golf on TV puts us to sleep - but for two different reasons
  • We love to eat good food - but when in doubt, a bowl of cereal always hits the spot
  • Neither of us likes to shop, but we love a good garage sale
  • We aren't big fans of talking on the phone - I know, I'm a girl therefore I should love talking on the phone, but I don't. 
  • We both love hammocks (this is genetic, I'm sure of it!)

Apparently in high school we liked to dress alike, too!

My brother's wedding - December 2010
Cheering for the Huskers - Thanksgiving 2008

Cost Rica - December 2010

 Little known fact: My dad was a model back in the day. He modeled for a clothing store and had ads in the local newspaper. Mister Suave! That's my pops!

Happy Poppa's Day! 

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elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

So sweet, aren't dad's the best? My dad and I are a lot alike too. I called him on father's day and he was on the ladder working on new project and I was about to get on the ladder to work on my new project.


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