Grout, Grout, Grout

Happy Monday - Can you tell what I did this weekend? Yup, the last shower tile was laid late last week, which meant grouting for me this weekend! Three long hours later - and a quick trip to Lowe's for more grout - and the shower is one step closer to being done!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

This is the master bath during our walk through in 2009:

Then this happened one day without warning in September 2010:

You can read about my surprise here.

Then it looked like this after a month:

In late October we laid the floor tile:

In December the beadboard starting going up:

In January 2011, we continued with the beadboard:

And before my sweet niece and nephews came for a February visit, I made sure we had a working toilet and sink!

and this is where the burn out begins. No progress for several months. 

Until April when tile began to appear in small increments in the shower. 

Until finally this weekend all the tiles were in place and I spent some quality Saturday time with some grout and a sponge.

We're nearing the year mark on this project. Hopefully we can seal the tile, get the fixtures and shower curtain in place before Labor Day! 

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