Busy Week

Phew! It's been a busy week - and this was the week that I thought things would officially slow down after school got out and I finished the marathon. Ha! Funny how life continues on full speed.

We had our first softball game on Monday night with our team Car Ram Rod (yes, it's a reference to some Sooper Troopers. A movie that I've never seen - much to everyone's dismay. Whatever.)

After we won our game 24-1 (yay, we're gonna get kicked out of this league too), we headed downtown for some food and beers.

We went to Fresh Craft - some dudes from Iowa started this joint that touts fresh food and craft beers. The menu is pretty fantastic with lots of good midwestern comfort foods - including cheese curds, pretzel bites, BBQ pork sandwich and lots of other super yummy items. I had the mac n cheese with proscuitto, roasted red peppers and fancy cheese. And they have these awesome little herb cheese hush puppy thingies - awesome!

I had two days off this week. And I think I worked harder in those two days than ever - I was exhausted after a day at home! We worked on so many projects it was insane! 

We got our new door installed
Look at all that light that can come in!

Our fancy handle

Need to paint the trim still - but it looks AWESOME!
Getting the door on the house meant it was off of my sawhorses in the garage. So I put together my new craft table!!!!

I built this a few weekends ago - using plans from Ana White. I love the modifications I made to the top. It's a more rustic feel and I love it. Now I can add some shelves and an inspiration board on the wall and I'm set to be creative in my own little space! 

And Seth worked on one of his projects, too! I have tile in the master bath shower - doesn't it look amaazing!?

Check out that shower head! We got a steal of a deal on it at Homegoods! 

I CANNOT WAIT to use the new shower - it looks AWESOME.  A little more tile, some grout, fixtures, and we're finally done!

Seth got a new toy this week, too. Meet his new favorite buddy, Mr. Dyson. 

It's no secret that Seth is a neat-freak. I think his love language is a clean house. And top of that list includes clean floors and a clean countertop. Let's just saw the new Dyson is his new BFF. I forsee these two spending lots of quality time together. 

In addition to the front door we also added some bling to the front of the house. 
I built a window well cover. Fancy, I know!

And we picked up this sweet little tray for the space between the adirondack chairs. This was Seth's pick - there might be some design sense in him afterall!

Just need to add some small potted flowers and some ice cold beverages!
I officially declared it summer and put up the hammock - a very sweet 30th birthday gift from Seth last year. 

And my peonies are in full bloom and I even have rose buds popping up this year!
Some new potted plants and my rosemary plant

Love these giant peonies!



Here's to hoping this weekend is RELAXING!


Linda Throckmorton said...

Loved your blog today! Nice job.
Tell Seth "congrats" on the shower job. It's looking good!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Wow - you have very busy weeks! I love my Dyson vacuum, by the way - it is worthy of love!

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

You're so productive! I love that table!

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE how your shower is turning out! You'll love that shower head once you finally get to start using it! YAY!


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