To Distress or Not to Distress

It must be summer, because I've been super lazy in my posting the past few weeks! And not for lack of material. I still need to share my marathon photos, our recent marathon celebration and all the fun decorations and food that I made, and some other home improvement progress.

But today I have a poll for you all - so scroll down and log in your opinion. I need YOUR vote, today!

Oh - and before I forget, I must mention that we had a miracle in our house the other day. The toilet paper miraculously made it's way to the holder - without any nagging or commenting! And not only that, I came home to a clean floors, clean kitchen and the lawn had been mowed! Read about my toilet training experience of a 30 year old here.

But we have an update on the second dresser refinishing. (Read about the first dresser here.) It's been sanded, primed and painted. At first I used Dove White by Sherwin Williams, but wasn't really digging the yellowy tint to the color. Then I tried using some left over trim paint in white. Still yellowy. Plus it was super gunky. And it was hard to get into the little crevices of the detail pieces. So I broke out the trusty can of spray paint. And wouldn't ya know - it was perfect.

Do you remember what she looked like when I found her at Goodwill?

So here's my dilemma - I don't know if I should distress the piece, leave it solid white, keep the original hardware, or change the hardware, or spray the hardware to more of a tarnished silver. I need your help - what do you think?


What should I do with the dresser

I would really like to use the piece as our media console in the living room. I'm still trying to convince the Mister of this - but we played with it last night and he seemed ok with the idea. The issue is where to put the components so they are hidden, but accessible.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality - cell phone at night. Bad idea.
Let me know what you think. Tomorrow is the first Saturday in a super long time that I don't have to wake up early and run, or get my house ready for a party. So I have lots of plans, including farmer's market, estate sales and finishing this dresser!

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Linda Throckmorton said...

I think you need to lose the wheels on this....they detract....are they hard on the floor? LOVE the look though! You are becoming quite creative!! Wait, that's not right...you have always been creative...you are just using it in a new way!

DecorandtheDog said...

I'd also lose the wheels but I think it's beautiful otherwise!!

Kristen said...

I LOVE what you've done with this so far! How did the spray paint work for you? I find that I can't seem to get it on evenly and I always end up with drips or bubbles.

I voted no distressing - I'm loving the crisp, clean look of it.


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