My running buddy, Daniela, is a sound engineer and has toured with bands like Three Doors Down. When the U2 tour came to Denver this weekend, she had some friends on the crew that hooked her up with some backstage all-access passes - and she asked me to go with her! Can you believe it?! ME!

Daniela, Gail and I outside Invesco Stadium

Look familiar? This is BONO'S guitar. And I'm touching it!
We got a full tour of the stage and behind the scenes engineering of the stage, sound and effects. We even got tours of the buses. And then we got to eat dinner with the crew! It was so cool to see the concert from the production end - and understand everything that went into making the concert a success. 
"The Claw" or "The Spaceship"
But the best part of the night - with our fun "working" wrist bands we had access to everything - including a private bathroom. While everyone else in the stadium had to wait in line, we went backstage and used the facilities as needed without a line or any hassle! Silly, I know. But hey, that was pretty awesome!
These passes gave us access to EVERYTHING!
The Fray was the opening band, and that was pretty awesome too. When we were standing in the inner circle and I could literally see the sweat on the guys from The Fray - that's when it hit me how awesome this was! And how lucky I was to be there with Daniela and Gail.

What a great experience!

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