On Making It Count

Yesterday was a dear friends very important birthday. She crossed over from the leisurely, wandering twenties to the shock of being 30.

When I called to say happy birthday - and to ensure her that being 30 actually rocks (considering I've been here for quite a few months!) - she sounded very down. We talked for a while and she is very introspective about this milestone in her life. She feels that now that she is 30 she must now take stock of what she did during her 20's and re-access what she wants to accomplish for her 30's. It's almost as if she feels some standard of accomplishment that she didn't achieve by 30, and now must make sure that she doesn't waste her 30's but has something to show for them. I tried to remind her that she has 4 adorable children who are well-behaved, smart, athletic, obedient and loving. In my mind, that's a pretty huge accomplishment. That's way more than I ever had to show for my 20's!

After some philosophical conversation about aging and living and being the best person we can be, we decided that our 30's need to count for something - putting priorities on families and friends - things that matter to eternity. We declared our motto for our 30's "Make It Count."

I like it. We hope to live more purposeful lives. Lives that count. Making memories. Laughing more. Stopping to enjoy the everyday things that make us smile.

After all these years of talking about a girls weekend - I think we may finally be getting closer to the reality. We did have a lovely family picnic a few years ago - and a quick visit here (minus one of the girls). But we're talking girls trip - reminiscent of the days when we would just hang, just be together. Even if we just go back to the farm and do a slumber party in the barn like we did all through high school. Just so long as we are together and we get some serious girl time. 

The thing I miss most about these girls - other than the fact that they have known me since 4th grade and yet they still love me - is how comfortable we are together and can just BE together. No pretense. No expectation. It's so unlike other relationships I've had. We can go weeks or even months without speaking and pick up the phone for a great conversation without any weirdness. Sigh. Miss those girls. 

In other news - it's Memorial Weekend! A huge thank you to all the veterans who have served our country for all you've done! My dad, my grandpa, my uncle, my cousin's husband, my friends from high school - thanks veterans!

I think I'll be using the time to build something. Watch out - Erin's using power tools again!

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