Mom's Day - Part 2

I've come down with a little illness - it's called the crafting bug! And I'm LOVING it!

So again - mom, if you are reading this - STOP!

For everyone else - please continue on for the second part of my little Mother's Day project.

And a little puppy love to get you through...

Here's a lovely shot of Kahler 
Ok - on to today's little project!

I usually make my own cards - nothing fancy, just some craft paper and markers. I love the personalized touch that I can add to something to brighten someone's day. Plus, its that little creative outlet for me after a day at work. And who doesn't love getting real mail?! It's the best - especially when it was handmade!

Our mother's day cards are no different. Instead of reading over all the cheese-ball cards at the store, I would rather just whip up my own with some pretty paper, ribbon, a glue stick and my printer.

I found some fun cardstock on sale and cut it and folded it to make the card, then added some bright colored paper and ribbon on the front to decorate. I sponge painted "MOM" on the front.

The inside has a fun little subway art decal that I made quickly - and presto! We have a Mother's Day card!
"Home is where your Mom is"

Happy Mother's Day - Part 2!

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Erin said...

Very cute card!


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