Momma's Day

Sorry that I've been MIA. I was spending some quality time with this lady.
Four days just isn't enough. I think I miss her more now that I just got to spend time with her. She's pretty awesome. And I'm pretty sure that we all gained like 10 pounds while there. Not because her food is unhealthy, its just so darn good you can't stop eating! Yummy steak, potatoes, veggies, waffles, mochachino cupcakes, guacamole salad and lots lots more!

We had a fun family surprise this weekend. We didn't tell my mom that my older brother and his wife were coming out too. Here's a quick video of the surprise - sadly, I only caught the tail end of her seeing my brother and SIL. Didn't want to give away the surprise by video taping the whole thing. Although, because she was so excited to give my other brother and SIL a tour of the new house, I'm not sure she would have noticed.


Here are some more pictures from our fun Mom's weekend. 

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