Building project - finished pictures

I was going through my blog today and realized I never posted finished pictures of some of my projects!

Remember, when I built this? It now looks like this:

Pretty awesome - huh? Yup - I built it. All without any help. Power tools and all. Plans came from Ana White - and seriously, if you don't know Ana you need to stop by her blog. She. Is. Amazing. 

I also did these shelves from Ana's blog plans. 

These shelves were a GREAT beginner project. It also taught me the importance of picking out good pieces of wood - nice and straight. And thankfully the guys at HD and Lowes are both great about helping pick out straight pieces of wood. They are usually pretty impressed that a girl is building something. Plus I told them that Seth was not super happy the last time I brought home straight wood - totally my fault of course. But they took pity on me and helped me. 

Seriously, check out Ana White. 

1 comment:

Linda Throckmorton said...

Wow, love the looks of this!! I still want floating shelves. Yours look awesome!


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