Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.

The weather was "eh" here in Colorado all weekend. In fact, for our group run in South Boulder on Saturday it SNOWED. Yup. It was a chilly little run. But our coaches made it extra fun by turning it into an Easter egg hunt! We ran up through the Flatirons and picked up eggs, in the snow.

Saturday was filled with a trip to Home Depot for me while the mister worked. I was a productive little bee.

I built a new raised dog food thingy - yup, that's a technical term. Of course I didn't take a picture of it, but I will once I stencil it. Right now its just a big grey box with dog bowls on the top. It needs a little spice. *Updated with some pictures!

Speaking of spice - I also made an organizer shelf for my spices out of the scraps from the dog food thingy. My spices have been in need of some desperate organization. And now, they are organized and I can see them all. And of course, I don't have a picture of that either. *Updated with some pictures!

I did attempt to clean up the garage and tool bench a bit more. 

I made a moss covered D for our front door (idea courtesy of In the Fun Lane). Seth was thrilled - just kidding. But I like it!

And I also made a few of these - I'll have to get a picture of where they ended up. They are sitting in my empty cake plate with some pretty green (fake) pears. It's very springy looking. *Updated with some pictures!

I also made some amazing chocolate chip cookies and cleaned up the house a bit.

Sunday started off with some sleeping in and then brunch with these kids at our favorite mutual spot, Crepes and Crepes. Doesn't that crepe look phenomenal?!
My brother had just returned from a business trip to Omaha where he got the opportunity to stay an extra day and hang with my other brother and SIL, and two younger nephews. (The oldest nephew is in college, can you believe it?!)

The day was filled more productivity with the completion of some laundry, organizing the cabinet in our dining room that serves as a catch-all for crap, some "planning" of some other projects, and ripping out the "moss-stuff" on the side of our driveway and planting some grass just before the rain started. 

In other news, I still don't know exactly what to do with this guy. And we did make another trip to the Depot to triple check the door situation. It's gonna cost us an arm and a leg for a wood door and installation. But I think we're ready to make the plunge. Now if only I can find a coupon....

And we finished the weekend by cuddling with these cuties.

Love them so much!

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