Weekend Projects

Our Team has a group run in South Boulder on Saturday morning. Usually this is my favorite run of the season because we get out of the city and get the chance to see some beautiful bluffs and clear skies. But the weather may not cooperate for tomorrow. Forecast calls for mostly cloudy with highs in the low 50's. Perfect running temperature, just wish it was as nice as it is today!

Since it's a short run, it means that I'll have the rest of the day to play! Here's a short list (ha, that was funny!) of the things I want to do.


  • fold and put away the 3 loads of laundry hanging out in the laundry room (really, how can 2 people make so much laundry?)
  • continue the garage clean up, organize the work bench
  • clean out all the potting plants and get them ready for new soil and new plants
  • turn on the main water valve for the sprinklers
  • deep clean the floors and baseboards (let's be honest, this isn't going to happen. But it made the list because Seth mentioned that he wanted to do this.)
For Fun:

It's spring and this girl has big plans!

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Shannon said...

Sounds like fun! I totally want to do a mossy monogram wreath now. I'm kinda obsessed with putting W's everywhere!


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