Repurposed Glass Doors into Chalkboard Art

It's another edition of How-To Tuesday with Christie over at These are a Few of My Favorite Things. I have to admit, I was really looking forward to today and even spent some time on Sunday doing a bunch of small projects so I would have a plethora of ideas to choose from for today's little session.

But as in all things in my life, it is not perfect, it is not complete and it is not super pretty. Give me another hour of free time and the supplies I need, and it would be. But life sometimes is a bit imperfect. And I'm learning to embrace those imperfections.

A while back we removed the glass front doors from this little nook in our dining room.

It looks MUCH better without the doors.

But those doors have been sitting in the laundry room/storage area for a few months.

I knew better than to throw them away, I just hadn't yet come up with a grand idea of what do do with them. And then....chalkboard paint!

Yeppers - I caved to the trend of painting things with chalkboard paint. And it was so fun!
Not exactly sure where they will find their place in our home - but I'm loving them already! Even Seth seemed to like them - although he initially scoffed at the idea. Once he saw them he actually liked them and wants to put one up in the laundry room so we can leave notes for each other.
How cute is that? Little laundry love notes!

So that's how you turn an unused glass door into a totally rocking laundry love note message board.
PS please don't look too closely because yes there is a black smudge on the white frame that I need to touch up. Not to mention the holes from the knobs that I need to fill in or cover up. Imperfections are beautiful. Say it with me: Imperfections are beautiful. Now if I can just convince Seth of this!


Donna said...

Very fun, creative way to make use of what you have. Cute and good for relationships too!

Karey said...

Very cute!

Suzanne said...

Oooh, this is a fabulous idea! I don't have any glass doors. But there are always yard sales! I love it. Thanks for posting this.

Christie said...

Okay, that is ridiculously cute. I think you could paint the other one and hang them side by side on a wall. LOVE them! Thanks so much for sharing this idea.

Cares and Mimi said...

Awesome - I wish I had some glass door to paint right now! :)

crystal said...

Love! I don't have glass doors hanging around (excuse the pun--i can't seem to help myself), but I'm going to make this concept work with some other random material. A thrift store frame, maybe?

Awesome post!

Julianna said...

I never would have thought to use paint, I'd have replaced the whole glass, and cursed every second of it! Genius!

I too have caved to the paint. The old owner of the house had a large gun rack down in the basement... three coats of chalk board paint later and Volia! A 4 foot by 5 foot chalkboard for the kids!

They also have magnetic paint you can paint under the chalkboard paint... so you could leave love magnets for each other too!


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