Nothing is Safe

Nothing in my home is safe from a can of spray paint.

But I've learned to shop my own home, along with the local goodwill, for great new finds that with a little spray paint love turn into something beautiful for my home. 

Here's my little "shop of  horrors fun" - where the magic of transformation happens. 
Yes, its the basement bathroom that is next on the list of remodeling projects. Until then, it's a great space for a little indoor painting when the weather isn't cooperating. 

I started out with transforming these items (sorry, I don't have any before's):
The wicker nightstand, lamp base, and frame. I already had each of these items in my home, so the "new" items for the guest bedroom didn't cost me anything!

The mirror. Again, this mirror used to reside in our living room above the sofa, but the proportion was all wrong. Another freebie for the guest room. 

These now live in the guest bedroom.

Then more frames - these used to be white and wood, respectively.

That now live in the dining room cabinet.

Then it was a goodwill vase, and gifted D from our wedding. 
The vase I purchased for $1 at goodwill. 

This used to be a gold toned color - we received it as a gift, so again, free!

The color matches the top trim on our fireplace in the basement living room.
(Still dreaming of a fireplace mantel and artwork)

Then came the White era.
My shelf (built by plans by Ana White) ad spray painted all my frames white.
I built the shelf for around $20, and already had all the frames. 

On old red vase finds new life in white.
This vase was sitting in the corner of a storage closet in our home. Free! And I think it looks like those new white vases from Z Gallery - so chic!

And old basket looks crisp with paint. Free!

And even my tomato plant and green pepper plant make homes in goodwill planters painted white. I picked up these planters at goodwill for $3 each.

What will be my next victim? Insert evil laugh here. 

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Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

It's amazing what spray paint can do, isn't it. I envy you having a place in the house where you can paint- away from rainy and windy weather! Your treasures all look wonderful with their new colors!

ccoffey said...

Everything looks great! My family is known to "shop" through each others garages for items to repurpose. We're trading this all the time. Saves money and is fun!

It's amazing what creations we come up with!

Thanks for posting!



Christie said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only one covering everything in my house with spray paint. I buy so many good finds and fix them right up - they look better than new. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

kalanicut said...

Thanks for sharing all sorts of ideas for updating stuff around the house. I'm always amazed at the cool or potentially cool with a little paint stuff I have packed away in cupboards. And yes, the while vase totally looks Z Gallerie! Love it.

Julianna said...

I love the white frames against the frames with pictures in them.

Fantastic look.


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