Laundry Inspiration

After seeing great laundry remodels over at Tell'er All About It and In The Fun Lane, I've had the hankering to finish off our laundry room. Who needs a fancy shmancy laundry room, you ask? Everyone! That's who! If we're gonna be stuck doing the laundry, at least it can be a pleasant room with loads (pardon the pun) of counter space, storage and access to all the laundry supplies in a fun and clean environment.

Check out these laundry rooms for some drool worthy inspiration:


Photo by Velvet and Linen


2009 HGTV Dream Home

Essential items for my laundry room makeover:

  • we'll skip the obvious walls and floor, as our current laundry room is bare studs, brick and concrete floors
  • counters! And lots of counters - for folding, sorting and having a place to set my laundry detergent
  • cupboards - for concealing all the "other" supplies that go along with laundry and laundry rooms
  • lights - it's a dark space, lights would brighten it up and make it so much more welcoming
  • these fun little canisters - because laundry detergent should have a beautiful place to call home too!

Bird Glass Canister, Small

Pottery Barn Bird Canisters

A girl can dream, right?!

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