Have we met?

Have you met Miss Priss? Oh, no. Well, allow me to introduce you to her.

Lying on the floor after our run/walk

She's quite the little brat lately. She's high maintenance, obnoxious, whiney, passive aggressive, slightly OCD, and overly persnickety. In fact, this isn't a new behavior, just more pronounced. This is the precious one that sent us to the emergency room one snowy Christmas with spinal meningitis and a whopping $6K vet bill. She's suffered several bee stings and ingested more than her share of chocolate. She's also the naughty little girl that eats full loaves of bread off the counter, as well as a full batch of unfrosted cupcakes, pop tarts and other goodies stolen from the nephews overnight bags, and lots of other items not appropriate for her.

She used to be my favorite training partner. She would motivate me to run every day. She pushed (or pulled, actually) me up the hills around the Boulder flat irons. At her peak she was doing 6 miles a day, 3 to 4 days a week.

But not today. The last few times that I've taken her out for an afternoon run she has protested after 1 mile. She stops dead in her tracks and won't move, no matter what you say or do. You can pull her leash. She doesn't care. She'll just lay down on her side.

It seems that she wants to run where and when she wants to run, in the right temperature, and on the right surface. (apparently the dirt walkway around the park is not what she prefers. The sidewalk is much  better.) And she stops when she wants to, sometimes to smell the flowers. But she only stops when she wants to stop, not when others want to stop.

Oh, she's a gem. I think she must have entered into her old lady phase.

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