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I'm linking up for the first time with Elle Belle Creative for Your Way Wednesday.

I've been craving some craft time lately. I dream about crafting during my work day stuck in front of a computer screen. I read beautiful blogs full of beautiful craft ideas. I lust over these crafty projects.

So I finally relented and gave in to my desire for some serious crafting time. I even re-prioritized my weekend so I had time for craft projects. Who needs to clean the floors? Not me. I had crafts to attend to!

Take a look at my recent creations.

These little lovlies come courtesy of 33 Shades of Green - Alissa does a fabulous job with her tutorial. I had seen these over the Christmas holiday but never had the opportunity to try it out.

I made two for my friend Lindsay and other friends raved about them! And tomorrow I'll be gifting three more to friends who have birthdays this month. And I have plans to gift others very soon! They are so fun and fast to make - and SO INEXPENSIVE!

Literally - if you have any scrap fabric around the house these are so easy and inexpensive. Felt squares are $0.29 at Joann's and Michael's. If you have a coupon or get them on sale it's even less. Each sleeve requires just three felt squares, and you can purchase the custom buttons for less than $1 each if you buy the big value pack.

Best project ever! You must try it!

I'm linking up to Christie for her How-To Tuesday. This is a "how to feed your creative desires and have amazing gifts for friends."

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Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Love these, the monogram makes them even more special! They would be awesome host gifts!


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