Yummy Weekend Breakfast

Weekends in our home are usually pretty laid back and unstructured. Especially when it comes to meals. Saturdays are especially challenging for us since I usually run with the Team at 7am for our group long run. When I'm done with my run Seth might be home, but he also might already be on his way to work.

I ran across this recipe lately for these fun back-and-take breakfast bites. And they are awesome!

Breakfast Bites

- pre-made packaged biscuits
- eggs
- bacon
- cheese
- salt and pepper

Preheat oven according to the directions on the biscuit package. Place one (or half) of a biscuit in the muffin tin. Beat 4-6 eggs. Pour eggs into each muffin tin, covering the biscuit. Add bacon pieces, cheese or other garnish according to taste. Bake biscuits until egg is cooked through.

These little breakfast biscuits pop out and are great grab-and-go options or are fabulous as part of a fun breakfast with fruit and orange juice.

I can make these up super quick after a run, and they bake while I'm in the shower. Then Seth and I can both enjoy a lovely breakfast before we begin our busy weekends!



We moved into our home in August 2009. We remodeled the kitchen in November 2009.

Yesterday (April 2011), we finished adding the trim to the cabinets.

Who knew trim could make the kitchen look so much more beautiful! I wish we would have done it sooner.

Maybe some day I'll get under cabinet lighting..... Oh, add it to the never ending list!


Have we met?

Have you met Miss Priss? Oh, no. Well, allow me to introduce you to her.

Lying on the floor after our run/walk

She's quite the little brat lately. She's high maintenance, obnoxious, whiney, passive aggressive, slightly OCD, and overly persnickety. In fact, this isn't a new behavior, just more pronounced. This is the precious one that sent us to the emergency room one snowy Christmas with spinal meningitis and a whopping $6K vet bill. She's suffered several bee stings and ingested more than her share of chocolate. She's also the naughty little girl that eats full loaves of bread off the counter, as well as a full batch of unfrosted cupcakes, pop tarts and other goodies stolen from the nephews overnight bags, and lots of other items not appropriate for her.

She used to be my favorite training partner. She would motivate me to run every day. She pushed (or pulled, actually) me up the hills around the Boulder flat irons. At her peak she was doing 6 miles a day, 3 to 4 days a week.

But not today. The last few times that I've taken her out for an afternoon run she has protested after 1 mile. She stops dead in her tracks and won't move, no matter what you say or do. You can pull her leash. She doesn't care. She'll just lay down on her side.

It seems that she wants to run where and when she wants to run, in the right temperature, and on the right surface. (apparently the dirt walkway around the park is not what she prefers. The sidewalk is much  better.) And she stops when she wants to, sometimes to smell the flowers. But she only stops when she wants to stop, not when others want to stop.

Oh, she's a gem. I think she must have entered into her old lady phase.

Exterior Paint Update

I think we may have found our paint color - what do you think?

It's called Pebble Stone. 

We plan to leave the window, door, gutter and garage door white, but paint everything else. 
And then add a new light fixture and house numbers. 

(minus the barred screen door, plus some adirondack chairs)

In other news, we had an independent woodworker/handyman come look at our front door today. Now all I have to do is go order it from the depot over my lunch hour and we'll have a new door soon!


Nothing is Safe

Nothing in my home is safe from a can of spray paint.

But I've learned to shop my own home, along with the local goodwill, for great new finds that with a little spray paint love turn into something beautiful for my home. 

Here's my little "shop of  horrors fun" - where the magic of transformation happens. 
Yes, its the basement bathroom that is next on the list of remodeling projects. Until then, it's a great space for a little indoor painting when the weather isn't cooperating. 

I started out with transforming these items (sorry, I don't have any before's):
The wicker nightstand, lamp base, and frame. I already had each of these items in my home, so the "new" items for the guest bedroom didn't cost me anything!

The mirror. Again, this mirror used to reside in our living room above the sofa, but the proportion was all wrong. Another freebie for the guest room. 

These now live in the guest bedroom.

Then more frames - these used to be white and wood, respectively.

That now live in the dining room cabinet.

Then it was a goodwill vase, and gifted D from our wedding. 
The vase I purchased for $1 at goodwill. 

This used to be a gold toned color - we received it as a gift, so again, free!

The color matches the top trim on our fireplace in the basement living room.
(Still dreaming of a fireplace mantel and artwork)

Then came the White era.
My shelf (built by plans by Ana White) ad spray painted all my frames white.
I built the shelf for around $20, and already had all the frames. 

On old red vase finds new life in white.
This vase was sitting in the corner of a storage closet in our home. Free! And I think it looks like those new white vases from Z Gallery - so chic!

And old basket looks crisp with paint. Free!

And even my tomato plant and green pepper plant make homes in goodwill planters painted white. I picked up these planters at goodwill for $3 each.

What will be my next victim? Insert evil laugh here. 

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And others...


Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.

The weather was "eh" here in Colorado all weekend. In fact, for our group run in South Boulder on Saturday it SNOWED. Yup. It was a chilly little run. But our coaches made it extra fun by turning it into an Easter egg hunt! We ran up through the Flatirons and picked up eggs, in the snow.

Saturday was filled with a trip to Home Depot for me while the mister worked. I was a productive little bee.

I built a new raised dog food thingy - yup, that's a technical term. Of course I didn't take a picture of it, but I will once I stencil it. Right now its just a big grey box with dog bowls on the top. It needs a little spice. *Updated with some pictures!

Speaking of spice - I also made an organizer shelf for my spices out of the scraps from the dog food thingy. My spices have been in need of some desperate organization. And now, they are organized and I can see them all. And of course, I don't have a picture of that either. *Updated with some pictures!

I did attempt to clean up the garage and tool bench a bit more. 

I made a moss covered D for our front door (idea courtesy of In the Fun Lane). Seth was thrilled - just kidding. But I like it!

And I also made a few of these - I'll have to get a picture of where they ended up. They are sitting in my empty cake plate with some pretty green (fake) pears. It's very springy looking. *Updated with some pictures!

I also made some amazing chocolate chip cookies and cleaned up the house a bit.

Sunday started off with some sleeping in and then brunch with these kids at our favorite mutual spot, Crepes and Crepes. Doesn't that crepe look phenomenal?!
My brother had just returned from a business trip to Omaha where he got the opportunity to stay an extra day and hang with my other brother and SIL, and two younger nephews. (The oldest nephew is in college, can you believe it?!)

The day was filled more productivity with the completion of some laundry, organizing the cabinet in our dining room that serves as a catch-all for crap, some "planning" of some other projects, and ripping out the "moss-stuff" on the side of our driveway and planting some grass just before the rain started. 

In other news, I still don't know exactly what to do with this guy. And we did make another trip to the Depot to triple check the door situation. It's gonna cost us an arm and a leg for a wood door and installation. But I think we're ready to make the plunge. Now if only I can find a coupon....

And we finished the weekend by cuddling with these cuties.

Love them so much!


Weekend Projects

Our Team has a group run in South Boulder on Saturday morning. Usually this is my favorite run of the season because we get out of the city and get the chance to see some beautiful bluffs and clear skies. But the weather may not cooperate for tomorrow. Forecast calls for mostly cloudy with highs in the low 50's. Perfect running temperature, just wish it was as nice as it is today!

Since it's a short run, it means that I'll have the rest of the day to play! Here's a short list (ha, that was funny!) of the things I want to do.


  • fold and put away the 3 loads of laundry hanging out in the laundry room (really, how can 2 people make so much laundry?)
  • continue the garage clean up, organize the work bench
  • clean out all the potting plants and get them ready for new soil and new plants
  • turn on the main water valve for the sprinklers
  • deep clean the floors and baseboards (let's be honest, this isn't going to happen. But it made the list because Seth mentioned that he wanted to do this.)
For Fun:

It's spring and this girl has big plans!


Furniture Refinishing Advice

You may remember several months ago I found this little gem on craigslist.

After some sanding, this is what she looks like.

Obviously, I need to replace the hardware, as well.

And now I have to decide what to do with her before Seth will let me start on my new acquisition

So what should I do?


Or Stain?

I'm so torn! I just look at it and I don't see a clear vision.

Please - lend me some advice - I need it!

Mushroom Galette

I can't believe I haven't shared this recipe yet. And to be honest, I have no idea where the recipe came from - but I love it!
* I remembered where I got the recipe! My MIL gave me The Dinner Doctor for Christmas - the recipe is in there. Thanks MIL!

It's quick and easy, and the best part is that I usually have all the ingredients in the house!

Aromatic Mushroom Galette

1 package (8 once) refrigerated crescent rolls
2 cups (8 ounces) pre-sliced mushrooms
3 cloves garlic, crushed in a garlic press
2 tablespoons olive oil, or butter, melted
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
1/4 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1 teaspoon dried oregano

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees
  2. unwrap the crescent rolls and unroll the dough; you will have 8 triangles. Place an ungreased baking sheet or pizza stone on a work surface. Arrange the triangles of dough so that they form an 8 pointed star. the pointed tips should face away from the center of the star. Start by placing one triangle in the 12 o'clock position, one in the 6 o'clock position, one at 3 o'clock and one at 9 o'clock. Place the remaining 4 triangles in the remaining empty spaces. The edges of the dough triangles should overlap each other lightly, but there will be a hole in the center of the star. Using your fingertips, press down on the dough to seal the edges where they overlap. To fill the hole, press the base of each triangle toward the center until the hole is evenly covered by dough. Then, using your hand press down on the dough so that it is flat, with no gaps.
  3. Place the mushroom, garlic, olive oil and 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese an the parsley and oregano in a mixing bowl to stir. Season with salt to taste. Spoon the mushroom filling into the center of the dough, then pull the tips of the dough up, and fold them over the filling to create a bundle. There will be gaps between triangles of dough on top of the filling. Press down slightly on the bundle. Sprinkle the remaining 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese over the top of the galette. 
  4. Bake the galette until the crust is deeply browned and the mushroom filling bubbles, 22 to 25 minutes. Remove the galette from the oven, run a metal spatula underneath to loosen it then slice and serve warm. 
 I used 1/2 a container of frozen creamed spinach instead of the parsley, and it was wonderful!
And this little quickie was Seth approved!

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Fur Babies

Because they are just so darn cute
I wish I would have captured Kirby's antics right before this picture. She was going CRAZY jumping around on the bed. As soon as I pulled the camera out she stopped and posed just like this - as if she were the calmest and most pristine pup around!

Nothing says love like smashing your heads together. 

And my little princess - gotta love that paw up on the chair as she gazes out the window. 

Did someone say treats? She does this little sad face. I'm so cute. I need a treat. 

Happy Hump Day!


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