Penny Pinchin'

I'm always amazed at how women are able to budget so well. I find that I think that I'm a good budgeter - until I find out that people like Emily over at Imperfect are able to budget $250 a month on grocery and not cheat! How is this possible, I ask?!

Better question - How do I spend SO MUCH every month for two people and it still seems like we never have any food in the house?! It's like feast or famine around here. I either go all out and make an amazing meal - or there's never anything to eat.

For the last few months I've been contemplating how to decrease our food budget, while stillmaking it seem like we have food-a-plenty in the cupboards and fridge. Here's my firstweeks attempt at not spending half my salary at the grocery store - check it out.
This is my receipt from last night - I saved $23.55! Boo-yah!

And check this out
All those "bold" lines - yup, that's where I saved either by using a coupon, or buying at a discount. Oh, yay!

I think the milk and the kleenex were the only things not on sale - not too shabby.

Now let's see how long we can last on what I purchased! We may be having some inventive meals in the next few weeks.


Nancy said...


You can also upload coupons to your safeway & soopers card too.

Safeway has started sending my $10 off with a $50 purchase coupon.
Do you get them?

The post card also has coupons on the same postcard for like $0.50 bag of big potatoes, free salsa, $2 off a bag of chips, free tortilla wrap, $1 off iceburg lettuce, etc.

My total came to $60 and I saved something like $30.

It was more than amazing.

Erin said...

Yes - love that you don't have to "clip" coupons anymore - the electronic versions are so easy - and give me something to do over my lunch break!


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