Paint Predicament

We are horrible at making decisions. Horrible. Typically decisions just don't happen - that's how we end up deciding - by NOT deciding.

We'd like to paint our house - or what little house there is to paint.

Here's what we are working with:

I'm assuming we can't paint the window trim, so we are stuck with keeping our "accent" or "trim" color white. (PS we have a new screen door - one without bars! and it is white, also) I also assumed that if the window and door trim was white that we would keep the gutters white as well.

So the question is...what color to paint the limited amount of space remaining that will go with our red brick color?

Here are some options I played around with on Sherwin Williams Visualizer tool.

Yeah - I know. They all look identical - but really, they are different colors!

What do you think? Too greige? Any suggestions on colors?


Nancy said...

Instead of painting your house directly, find some old wood laying around .. paint that & put it up against your house.. until you're ready to actually put paint splotches on your house.

I did the color visualizer for my bathroom and maybe it was the lighting in my bathroom, but it didn't work out so well for me.

I also have some paint samples around that color scheme if you want to come by and test it out to get a general idea.

PS: why can't you paint the window trim?

Julianna said...

When I lived in Fl I had a similar issue with the brick on the bottom.

I believe that the rest was a yellow (like butter cream) stucco.

It was very Florida-ish, but nice. Not sure if that's the look you're going for though.

I re painted 2 years ago. Took forever. Went from a pink (I bought it like that) to a sage green with white trim, black shutters and mahogany accents. Really, I love it now. But if I have to do it again... VYNIL SIDING!

I'd suggest looking at other houses similar to yours and checking their color palettes out.

Erin said...

Can I paint over the vinyl casing of the window? I thought it would peel?

And the color visualizer sucks - but I love your idea of painting leftover wood and then holding it up to see what it will look like - BRILLIANT!


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