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I'm participating in my first ever Linky Party, courtesy of Christie over at These are a few of my favorite things -so bear with me if this post totally stinks. I'm claiming ignorance as to how this all works!

This post should be entitled "How to give your husband a heart attack"or "How to make aheadboard out of an old door."

We moved into our house almost two years ago, and this was a project that I did shortly after being in the house. Granted - our house needed some work. But we also needed some furniture. We already had a queen size mattress set and metal bedframe for our guest room, but we didn't have any other furniture for the guest room. Not even a headboard.

This is what the room looked like before - notice the stellar use of monochromatic colors! Just kidding!
One of our first projects was replacing the old wood doors with newer white six panel doors all throughout the interior.

We had these ugly old wood doors stacked up in our garage forever - there were so many! Bathroom doors, closet doors, bedroom doors!
See that old ugly wood door in the corner of this horrible photo - yep, those are the doors I'm talking about.

Well - I had a template to use for building my new guest bedroom headboard. And it looked like this:

So I started by measuring out the current and store bought headboard used in our Master bedroom. Then I went to the hardware store and bought some 1x2's and a 1 x4.

Then the dangerous stuff that gives Seth a heartattack happened. I got out the table saw and I cut those 1x2's and 1x4 into the dimensions I needed to attach to the main body - which was the door! I cut the door down to size, too, added some 1x2's on the sides, top and bottom, and then added a 1x4 to to the top to create a small ledge. Then I added some 1x4's to the back to use as supports that Seth would eventually secure to the metal frame.

I painted it black - and this is what Seth came home to after work one day. He panicked and thought I had removed the headboard from the Master bed and thought I was painting it black.

After he recovered from his mild stroke - he realized what an amazing job I had done and he secured it to the bed so that our guest room looks like this now:

And that is how you recycle a door into a headboard!


Suzanne said...

That is awesome! Way to go, you! I may have an opportunity to use that someday...but I don't have a table saw, so I'll probably get my wood at Home Depot and have them cut it for me--they're good that way. But this is sheer genius, and your guest room looks totally awesome!

Christie said...

This is absolutely an amazing idea! I love it. I, too, have scared my husband half to death when I use the power tools (with good reason. I'm not safe or experienced and should not touch them). I love the idea and what a cute headboard. Thanks so much for playing along!

Erin said...

Thanks Ladies! It was a spur-of-the-afternoon project that ended up turning out pretty fantastic. Now if I can just get the guts to try more projects!

Julianna said...

Love this. I have seen it done with 6 pannel doors, just turned side ways... but I like yours so much better.

And FYI, Almost Hubs near died the first time he saw me with power tools... now he just hands them over. :)

Lizzy said...

You are amazing! It looks great. :) e


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