Joy Suckers

You know what I'm talking about - or in some cases "who" I'm talking about. Those people that just SUCK the joy right out of life. I call them, Joy Suckers - also known as Life Suckers.

If you know me you might think that I'm overly optimistic, incessantly happy, often goofy, and thriving on the random. Or at least, if you REALLY know me, that's who I am.

However, there are people who seem to be the complete opposite. And when they are around people like me (fun, awesome, light hearted and did I mention fun) they bring out the extra big wet blanket and try to smother me with it. I think they secretly are jealous of my effervescence and awesome state of mind. But it can really be a joy sucker. And no one likes a joy sucker - especially me! There's so much joy to be had, and so much to share! There's enough joy to go around so everyone can have their fill - so why do these joy suckers suck all the joy? It really perturbs me, and even makes me angry. Mostly because after a joy sucker has entered the vicinity I feel like crap. I feel empty, sad, depressed. It then takes me some time before I can get my joy barometer back to an acceptable reading. It takes energy, and it takes effort. And it can be draining to deal with this on a consistent basis.

Do you know what I mean? Or am I the only one that has to deal with joy suckers on the reg?

So I make it my new goal to add to the Joy Sharers in my life, and say no to the Joy Suckers. I want to surround myself with people who share my joy, who lift me up, who support me, laugh with me, engage with me and share with me. And for the Joy Suckers - sorry, but I won't let you take my joy. I'm super duper happy to share mine with you, but if you try to take we're gonna have a little chat about the basic principle of sharing - even a 2 year old can understand that principle.

Who's with me?! Let's be Joy Sharers!

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