New Tables

Without really planning it we've have some recent table renovation in our home. Within just a few weeks we've acquired new living room tables (side tables and coffee table) and then just recently a new dining room table.

For Valentine's Day, S surprised me with these magnificent tables from World Market. With a 20% off in store sale and our 10% coupon, we scored with this purchase!

The smaller and lighter coffee table really opens up the space in contrast to our previous larger and much darker table.

And we finally have a real side table, rather than our previous cabinet remnant pieces that we used as side tables.

And this lovely little shelf adds some height and interest to the side of the room.

Then we posted our old dining room table (purchased new from Furniture Row in 2006) on Craigslist, and sold it to a super nice family from NEBRASKA! (yes, we gave them a discount from our asking price simply because they were from our home state!)

The sale of our bar height table (with 8 chairs) gave us the cash to pick up this beauty from a local consignment shop that we've been keeping an eye on since Christmas.

We love the new lower profile, the long and narrow design that allows for more seating without taking up space in our narrow dining area. Plus the chairs are padded and super comfortable. Plus, there's a leaf that we can add for even more seating potential!

It's like a whole new space!


Etsy Finds

These may soon be making a home in my living room as side lamps. What do you think?

antique gooseneck desk lampVintage Industrial Gooseneck Lamp III


Joy Suckers

You know what I'm talking about - or in some cases "who" I'm talking about. Those people that just SUCK the joy right out of life. I call them, Joy Suckers - also known as Life Suckers.

If you know me you might think that I'm overly optimistic, incessantly happy, often goofy, and thriving on the random. Or at least, if you REALLY know me, that's who I am.

However, there are people who seem to be the complete opposite. And when they are around people like me (fun, awesome, light hearted and did I mention fun) they bring out the extra big wet blanket and try to smother me with it. I think they secretly are jealous of my effervescence and awesome state of mind. But it can really be a joy sucker. And no one likes a joy sucker - especially me! There's so much joy to be had, and so much to share! There's enough joy to go around so everyone can have their fill - so why do these joy suckers suck all the joy? It really perturbs me, and even makes me angry. Mostly because after a joy sucker has entered the vicinity I feel like crap. I feel empty, sad, depressed. It then takes me some time before I can get my joy barometer back to an acceptable reading. It takes energy, and it takes effort. And it can be draining to deal with this on a consistent basis.

Do you know what I mean? Or am I the only one that has to deal with joy suckers on the reg?

So I make it my new goal to add to the Joy Sharers in my life, and say no to the Joy Suckers. I want to surround myself with people who share my joy, who lift me up, who support me, laugh with me, engage with me and share with me. And for the Joy Suckers - sorry, but I won't let you take my joy. I'm super duper happy to share mine with you, but if you try to take we're gonna have a little chat about the basic principle of sharing - even a 2 year old can understand that principle.

Who's with me?! Let's be Joy Sharers!


Adventures in refinishing

Remember this:

It now looks like this:

And the work continues...


I built it

I had a busy weekend!

Friday afternoon I hit up the big orange box and met a fabulous man named Jason who helped me pick out some straight wood. I told him that S wouldkill me if I came home with crooked wood. I've done it before, and I won't do it again.

Here's my pile of supplies - approximately $40.

After some fun with the table saw and using my fabulous new drill bit, I had this!

And then I had this!

And after a total of three hours - from the store to the finish - I had this.

And the next day I sanded andpainted till I had this.

Thanks to Ana for the plans at Knock Off Wood.

Hopefully I can have the real finished pictures soon!


An Indecisive Woman Who Loves to Paint

I may be crazy (most likely) but I actually like to paint. In all of our home renovating days, the one task that I am happy to take on and S is happy to pass along is painting! I love the sense of accomplishment that I get after painting. It's such a quick way to make a significant impact on a room. A new coat of pretty paint makes my heart flutter.

And even though our home was professtionally painted - with colors that I picked out - just over 18 months ago, I'm ready for some new color. Shameful, I know. But I think I'm over the beige monotony that is our house.
PS - Don't say anything to S about me wanting to paint. I like to "surprise" him - hee, hee, hee!

I'm loving this new gray that seems to be hitting several other bloggers out there. Like over at NewlyWoodwards:
I love how the gray POPS with the white moldings. It has a sense of cool chic-ness to it that I love. Sophisticated, yet understated. (They used Martha Stewart Bedford Gray color matched in Behr paint.)

And check out Bryn's master bedroom done in Benjamin Moore's Gunmetal Gray:

And these from Decorpad make me want to run home and change into my painting clothes and go crazy!
kitchens - Benjamin Moore - Amherst Gray - gray walls turquoise blue vintage refrigerator rustic kitchen island floating shelves  Elizabeth Carneykitchens - Benjamin Moore - Fieldstone - gray green kitchen cabinets subway tiles backsplash farmhouse sink kitchen island open shelves calcutta marble countertopsliving rooms - Behr - Castle Mist - Greige paint grey silk drapes Nancy Corzine chandelier Whittington custom furniture  Grey Living roommiscellaneous - Behr - Elephant Skin - gray grey bedroom silver black aqua green round table mirrored chest  9x9 guestroom w/full size bed blackbathrooms - Sherwin Williams - Intellectual Gray - Painting lights bath accessories decorative sea stars vases rug mirror  Pamela Pryce bathroomkitchens - Benjamin Moore - Fieldstone - gray kitchen cabinets open shelves farmhouse sink island pendants calcutta marble countertops  Sally
From beige to gray - sounds tantilizing, doesn't it!? Now which room to start with? The master, the living room or the bathroom?


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