Travel Goals for 2011

It's no secret that S and I are not much for traveling. Yes, we travel occasionally for work, and I travel for the non-profit I volunteer with, but rarely do we travel for fun. This year one of our goals is to "plan more" and "make an effort to go places."

So here's our short list of upcoming travels/adventures:
  • January - we plan to take a long weekend in the mountains for some skiing just the two of us, but of course bring along the furry girlies

  • February - my SIL and her 3 gorgeous kiddos are visiting and we want to take them to the Denver Mint and sledding in the mountains (maybe do a snowboard lesson if the kids get really brave)

  • March - happens to be Mr. S's big 30th birthday month, so we are playing with the idea of getting away to someplace warm, like Mexico (but cross your fingers, cuz we had the same idea for my 30th and we know how that turned out....)
  • April - hitting the slopes again with a few other couple friends and their furry kiddos for a spring snow vacation
  • May - FINALLY, a trip to South Carolina to see the 'rents! Do a little golfing, hiking, check out some water falls, eat some heal-the-soul kind of food from my momma's kitchen, and just relax.
Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but for us - this is amazing that we are tentatively planning all of this! Let's see how it all pans out....

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