I know we aren't the only ones with major infatuations with HomeGoods. It's a weekly tradition to visit at least two of the local TJ Maxx/HomeGoods stores. We have a steady rotation of at least 3 that we frequent regularly.

This past weekend was no different, and we started our new year off with a trip to Mecca - aka the giant HomeGoods. This store is just HomeGoods - no TJ Maxx. Just home stuff. And requires lots of patience when being visited with S. He LOVES to look through EVERYTHING. And I'm not sure if it was the "after holiday adrenaline let-down" or what, but he acted like he had money burning a hole in his little pocket. And I guess he did - his mom got him a TJ Maxx gift card. Perfect gift for my savvy, deal-loving man. (I know, most girls would love to have an S.O. that loves to shop. Problem is...I hate shopping - especially the way S does it!)

Items that made the short list of things he had to have:
  • butcher block and 18 piece knife set
  • 20 piece plastic food storage (aka tupperware-esque items) set
  • lamps
  • entry-way floor rugs (front door, back door and sliding glass door areas)
  • drapes for the living room
  • side tables (for living room)
  • entry-way table or buffet for dining room
He was obsessed with the knives - and this isn't the first time. Now for a little bit of history, we were gifted a beautiful knife set and cutting board when we got married, but he returned the knives. Why? I have no idea. When his parents came to visit about 6 months ago, he bought another knife set. But guess what? Returned them - because he didn't think they were sharp.

At this point, we should visit the notion that S doesn't cook. His idea of making a meal doesn't even include macaroni and cheese from a box, because boiling water is too work intensive. He puts Tyson chicken nuggets on a plate and pops them in the microwave. That's a meal.

So should he really be all panties-in-a-bunch about finding the perfect knife set?

The same could be said for the food storage set. I can't remember the last time we had many leftovers, let alone that S would actually eat them! It's me that brings little plastic containers to work with food in them to reheat.

Oh, boys - I still don't quite understand how they think.

So we ended up with:
  • a lovely Kitchen Aid 18 piece knife set that is awe-inspiring
  • 3 lovely new entry rugs for all the entry points to our home
  • some lovely new white undershirts made with premium cotton and the guaranteed lay flat collars

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