S's birthday is coming up soon - and it's a big one. He's finally turning 30! I rejoice in his old age because it means he can no longer rib me about being an "old lady", or how he's married to an "older woman" or how he's so young at still in his twenties. Dear lord - I'm so over that! Although I always laugh and it is kinda funny - especially when people are shocked (whether real or fake, I'll take it!) that I'm 30. Must be the SPF moisturizer and strict skin care regime that I follow. NOT.

Anyhoo- I was brainstorming some ideas for the birthday boy the other day, but sadly I can only come up with things that I would want to do. Like:
  • a sushi making class at our fav restaurant Sushi Den
  • a photography session - we never had engagement or wedding photos and we're lacking in the non-self-photo category
  • yay, and that's about as far as I got
Lame. I know.

Anyone got any great ideas for a 30th birthday for my man?

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Courtney Hope said...

Because I usually read you in my reader, I haven't clicked through to your site in a while.. I love the new layout!!!!

30th birthday!! Whoop. Kind of a big deal. What about.... skydiving? romantic dinner atop a mountain top? helicopter ride? awesome concert? progressive party? 8 hour massage that ends with striptease? (jk...sort of)


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