And we're back

Two cups of black coffee today was probably not a good idea. I think I have the "Coffee sweats." Yuck!

Holy, what a fast holiday break, eh?! I feel like we were busy - but manageable. But yet still had time to get very accustomed to sleeping in everyday - ah, the joys of no kiddos yet!

Christmas was quiet - we both worked Christmas Eve day, had the evening off, made the usual tradition of bunches of appetizers and curled up in front of the tv and the fireplace (with my new fleece blanket). We watched a few movies, had a little wine and called it an early night. Christmas day instead of snowboarding we slept in (ahhh, how I love sleeping in!), were bad people and visited starbucks on Christmas (I know! But it was just SO GOOD!), and again made some yummy food and sat on the couch watching all of Season 5 of Dexter. Nothing says Christmas like a TV series dedicated to a serial killer! We didn't even shower all day - it was awesomely gross. Emphasis on the awesome.

Then it was back to work for a few days, then off to Vegas for a quick 36 hour visit with a bestie from high school to celebrate her 30th on the strip. We played with the kids, then headed to a fancy-schmancy dinner at the all new Cosmopolitan. Then we got real crazy and hit up the club for a few cocktails and some swaying back and forth - not really dancing, just sorta moving while standing still. But we did see some booty-shaking thanks to the "go-go" dancers. Is that even what they are called? Who knows! But it was fun - and made me want to take private lessons on how to shake my kudunk-a-dunk like that!

NYE - again, worked at my fabulous part time/seasonal job then had my bro and SIL over for appetizers, beer and poker to ring in the new year. I think we were in bed by 12:30. Yeah, such party animals!

And then today I had to face reality and return to my real job - the one that allows me to hate working with students and still get paid to support my lavish lifestyle - just kidding. I hope you can sense the sarcasm.

I have not run. I'm afraid to run. I don't really have the motivation yet to run. And yet, I need to run. Guess what my new year's goals include? (yes, goals, not resolutions. Resolutions just set me up for failure.) Yeah, so one of my goals (feel free to laugh) is to run 400 miles this year. I figured in 52 weeks that an average of 7.6 miles per week. I can do that, right? maybe. might be a stretch. but a stretch is good.

So kudos to you, my running friends, for running. Cuz I'm enjoying my laziness. But I suppose I need to kick myself into gear sooner rather than later!

How was your holiday?

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Nancy said...

come running on Saturday at 10am!

The Bull & Bush (on Cherry & S Cherry Creek Dr) does a 5k and then free breakfast with everyone who did it. They usually provide garnola, cereal, bagels, gatorade, etc. It's a fun and friendly crowd.



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