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Silly Blogger

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Mounting a TV

We've noticed an odd trend in our neighborhood. While walking the dogs I thoroughly enjoy the act of "neighbor peeping." Come on - I know you do it too. You walk by and take a quick peek through the open windows and doors of your neighbors homes. I love to see how other people decorate and even the layout of the homes around us. But one thing we've noticed lately is how darn high people are mounting their tv's on the walls. It's absolutely ridiculous!

They look kind of like this - sometimes worse.
Ok - this is just silly - who needs that many tv's!?

It's so high - next to the crown molding!

I'm sorry - did you mistake your home for a sports bar?

Dude - my neck hurts just looking at this!

It's not even mounted on the wall - its mounted from the CEILING!

Unless you are prone on that couch, your neck is gonna hurt. 

Two of our tv's (don't judge - the mister works in electronics so we tend to have lots by default) are mounted on the wall - but at eye level. The other tv sits on a stand and its even lower.

Is there a rule about how high you should mount your tv? Is having it that high going to lead to neck/eye problems for those poor souls? Am I the only one that thinks about these odd things?


A Productive Weekend

Wow! Can we start a petition for 3 day weekends all the time? I mean really. Two days just isn't enough. Just when I get the hang of relaxing and being ok with being lazy its time to go on Monday morning!

I can't complain too much, I guess. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Colorado with clear skies, sunshine and perfect temps. Which meant yard work, projects, volunteering, long walks with the dogs, football with friends and lots of productivity!

Saturday was spent cheering on the Team in Training participants on their Mission Day - longest run of the season. As an alumni of the program and continual supporter, I woke up early and hit the trail to man a cheer station for the runners. We had signs encouraging the runners, snacks, water and gatorade. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and to see the runners looking so strong at miles 6.5 and 13. In fact, it may have been the motivation to get me training for marathon #8. More on that later.

Among other projects I did take some time Sunday morning to make some little yummies - raspberry scones!

I used this recipe off of pinterest (duh) and it turned out pretty well - except that I mis-measured the salt. Oops! But I added extra vanilla extract to compensate and they aren't too bad. 

Now I have breakfast-on-the-go all week. And I was so thankful for that this morning! Really - anyone else want to see if we can get 3 day weekends all the time?


In the Mail

Home Decor Fabrics-Waverl...

Say hello to my new fabric. I bit the bullet and did some online shopping - with free shipping and a great sale!

Soon this fabric will be adorning my soon to be refinished chair for the living room.

I guess we all know what I'll be up to this weekend!


Chicken Wire and The Love of Navy

I made this little lovely this weekend. I found the frame at Goodwill during a 50% off sale and picked up the chicken wire from the hardware store. I pulled the backing and the glass off, spray painted the frame white and added the chicken wire.

Now it sits in my bathroom holding my most popular accessories. Such an easy project. I may try to find another frame and add some hooks to make one for my niece as a headband holder.

In other news I have a chair that I picked up from Goodwill months ago sitting in my garage collecting dust. It may become "the project" this weekend. 

I'm envisioning it painted white and recovered with fabric like this. 
The fabric happens to be on sale right now at Joann's. 

Did I mention I'm newly in love with navy? 

Here's a little creation I'll call my living room mood board. 

I just realized I don't have a very up-to-date photo of our living room. I'll work on that.

But our walls are Kilim Beige from Sherwin Williams, our neutral sofa and chair are from American Furniture Warehouse, our coffee table, side table and shelf are from World Market. I would love to add navy curtains, pillows, new upholstered chair (from goodwill), a bench, and some world map artwork. 

I love neutrals. Isn't this beautiful?

I'm also loving this splash of orange with navy. 

From my pinterest board

Let's be Pinterest friends - follow me and I'll follow you!


Fall is (Almost) Here

Last weekend before running off to work, I was extremely productive! I did some laundry, cleaned up the house, and made a fabulous breakfast. I bought these ramekins a while back and they are perfect for these mini breakfast quiches. A few eggs, some mushrooms, sliced grape tomatoes, chopped spinach, don't forget a bit of garlic or shallot and top it with cheese. Back in the oven for 15-18 minutes and they are ready! Plus, the keep really well and reheat fabulously! 

Check out what is finally growing in my little garden! Pumpkins!
This guy is my biggest yet - sadly, I have hundreds of orange blooms but only three little gourds growing. I'm hoping they turn orange soon and that more grow! 

And this is a little fall wreath I whipped up thanks to some great sales/coupons at Michael's. 

And these two hooligans are our watchdogs for the neighborhood. 

Have a great weekend!


Prayers for Anna's Family

Blogging is an interesting community - but it is, community.

Today I learned of a deep loss for a woman whom I've never met, and yet I feel as if I know her. Blogging allows us to share our lives with people all across the country and around the world. I appreciate those that share their stories, and their families along with the craft project, diy progress or home decorating advice. Anna is an exceptional writer and I've always been drawn to her as she shares real life struggles, adventures and comedy of her everyday life.

Today Anna shared the breathtaking tribute to her son that she read at yesterday's funeral.

Please join me in uplifting Anna and her family.



  • I'm tired, but not for the reasons I'd like to be tired. 
  • It's cold here in Colorado - I'm excited for fall but not ready to say goodbye to summer. 
  • I have a feeling the next two months are going to fly by.
  • Sometimes when i have free time I panic and don't know what I should do - should I relax, blog, craft, diy, sew, read, hang out with friends, etc. This is probably because...
  • I work two jobs - one full time and the other part time, I play softball on Mondays and I'm taking some graduate courses. Can you say busy? 
  • My biggest pet peeve are people who can't seem to put their grocery carts in the corral or back in the store. My second biggest pet peeve is dumb and/or selfish people. I deal with them on a daily basis unfortunately.
  • I have an amazing family - I just wish I could see them more often. 
  • Last night I had wine and scrambled eggs for dinner - now that's glamorous. 
  • And maybe I'll start blogging more....


Sister-in-laws are the coolest

Whoopsies - someone's taken a blogging break! It's been a busy month here for us. I was making great progress on my bathroom remodel (you can read about it here, here and here) and then we had these guys come to visit -

Can you believe how big they are getting?! Look at that sharp kid with his hand on his hip - he actually looks like he's having fun! And the little one in blue is SO TALL! And my man in the middle - what a helper!

So all construction and crafting ceased while we played in the mountains, jumped on trampolines, ate smores, went white water rafting, and goofed off! And it was GREAT! I love it when family comes to visit. And the best part wasn't even that my SIL brought an entire case of wine (yes, an ENTIRE CASE!) It was just hanging out with the people we love.

Speaking of SIL - you should see what this girl can do in just a few short days. Now that the kids are back in school she finished up a few projects around the house, including reorganizing the boys' closet.

Check out the before:

She took everything out, added shelving, primed and painted (and we all know how tedious that can be in a closet!) and put the organized clothes back into their new home.

She plans on getting some storage bins for the floor and lower shelves.

I think something likes these would work well

and maybe something with a label so the boys can keep their stuff all organized - even if it isn't folded nicely!

Not bad for a busy mom of three running between multiple schools, multiple sports practices and work!

I wonder if she wants to come back for a visit and help me get organized?!


And in other news

Oh, let's be honest  - there is no other news besides what's happening with the bathroom remodel. My life is nothing but the ordinary - and I love that!

I put in trim on Friday between jobs and installed the toilet during a midday Saturday break between bridal shower and bachelorette party. I'm fancy. I know.

One of these days I'll take a picture with a real camera rather than the phone. But I'm just too lazy lately! And yes, I still have some work to do on the wall patch where the tp holder used to be. Details, details. 

This "Little Loo" (yes, she has a nickname already) was no easy thing, either. Although, it should have been. Ladies - do NOT be intimidated by the toilet - it may be nasty to clean, but it's a breeze to install! As long as your bolts are long enough. Which, of course, mine weren't. Had to have some fun with this project - it's no fun if there isn't a little drama involved!

The previous owners apparently decided to "seal the toilet" onto the concrete floor with CONCRETE. Really? So annoying. The old toilet came off just fine - so much for sealing it. But the bolting system was cemented to the floor. When I put our new toilet over the top, the addition of the mastic and tile made it so that the bolts were just a smidge too short to actually do their job of securing the toilet. 

A quick trip - with my lovely photo - to Ace Hardware and I had my answer. A few couplings, some nylon washers and two new screws to go into the couplings and I was good to go. Oh, and a new water hose that was long enough, too. I hate projects that take multiple trips to the store - ugh. 

I've used Little Loo several times - and I love it! It's so nice to watch a movie in the cool basement and not have to run upstairs in the summer heat and use the restroom. 

Yesterday over my lunch hour - I'm nothing if not efficient - I ran to the HD to get some lumber for my vanity. Let me tall ya - these plans by Ana White are so stinking easy. I had everything cut and put together in about an hour. Now I just need to get the wood for the top, sand, sand, and sand, and stain and seal. 

No pictures yet - but as soon as I get the top I'll post some. 

Oh - and in other other news - I chopped my hair! 


All By Myself

Ahh, Celine. You bring back some memories....

Yes - I'm continuing on the bathroom remodel - all by myself. By choice.

And guess what? I'm loving it. It's so fun!

Here's the update from last night - grout and a window blind.

Sorry for the cell phone picture. In person it looks awesome! 

Next up - trim and install the toilet! 

Have a lovely weekend all!


The Master Bathroom Wrap-Up

Remember almost a month ago when I posted here about the near completion about the project? Well I realized that I never did do the final recap - so here it is!

We went from this:
What used to be the shower on the far left and the vanity

The shower

The wall where we ripped out tile around the vanity area
to this:
New paint, new beadboard walls, new mirror and light fixture
We took the doors off the cabinet above the toilet - I love the open spa-like feel of it. 

We even have new towel bars! But we reused the sink and toilet to save us some cash!

IN LOVE with my new shower. Love the tile. Love the rain shower head. Love, Love, Love. 

Now this is what I like to wake up to!

Patched the wall (left) where the old TP holder was and got a fancy new one!
Yeah - we still have two pieces of trim to put up - as well as one tiny section of beadboard near the shower. But it'll get done eventually - right?! I wish there were little elves that could come over and "finish" all the little projects in my house.

Or maybe I should do all the finish work before starting the next project! ha - silly girl. That would NEVER happen. I'm a remodelaholic - I love starting a new project!

I wish I had the break down of costs - but since the project was almost 11 months long, I have no idea what we spent on stuff. Here's what I do know:

Tile - Rialto Noce from Lowe's ($2.28 sq ft) 12 x 12 in porcelain tile

Accent Tile - I can't seem to find it on Lowe's website, but it was about $11 for a 12 x 12, that we cut in half to get the narrower accent trim in the shower

Grout - Custom Building premixed sanded grout in Sandstone from Home Depot ($20.97 x 2)
#180 Sandstone 1 Gal. Premixed Grout

Beadboard - Cape Cod MDF Beadboard Planks 3 pck from Home Depot ($17.97 x 6?)
14 sq. ft. Cape Cod MDF Beadboard Planks (3-Pack)
Chair Rail - Knotty Pine Beadboard Trim Pack from Home Depot ($15.98 x 2?)
8 ft. x 2-11/16 in. x 9/16 in. Knotty Pine Beadboard Trim Pack

We scored the shower head from TJ Maxx (of all places!) for $30, and bought the simple replacement shower handle for $32 from Home Depot.
Method 1-Handle Posi-Temp Shower Only in Chrome

The mirror was a clearance purchase from TJ Maxx - but of course I can't remember what I paid for it - maybe $40 or $50?

And the light fixture was from Lowe's, the Bel Air 3-Light brushed nickel vanity light for $60
Bel Air Lighting 3-Light Brushed Nickel Bathroom Vanity Light

We scored the towel bar, hooks and TP holder on clearance at Target
Product Image Parma Paper Holder - Brushed Nickel

We reused/recycled:

  • the shower rings and shower curtains
  • the vanity
  • the toilet
  • the cabinets
All in all, not a bad project. And I LOVE my new bathroom - I might even be nice enough to let Seth use it from time to time! 


And then there was tile

I think I work harder on my days off than I do at work. After a day off of work like yesterday, I'm more than happy to come back to work and sit in a chair all day! My back is hurting - but so are other muscles I didn't even know I had.

This is what I did yesterday -

It may not look like much - but it took me almost all day to lay all the tile. Let's just say I have a whole new appreciation for Seth and all the hard work he does for me! (and yes, I told him how awesome he is)

I started at 9am by laying out all the big tiles. I decided to use a staggered row design. I really wanted to do this in our master bath but Seth said no. Since I was in charge of this project, I got to do whatever I wanted. And I wanted staggered rows. Honestly, I think it was easier than straight rows, and definitely gives the floor more interest. I even made sure to check the tiles to ensure they were all level every few rows. Seth will be so proud!

After laying all the big tiles, I took a 30 minute break for snacks - my new favorite green smoothie - courtesy of Laurel at Ducks in a Row. 

Then I took on the challenge of cutting all the side pieces. I had never used the tile saw before, but found it fairly simple, and similar to using my table saw. The only difference is that with tile you must be EXACT with your measurements as it is nearly impossible to shave off a smidge if necessary, like you can with wood. In fact, I had a few cuts where I only needed to cut off 1/4 of an inch - these were the hardest to cut! The saw left my tiles with some jagged spots - thankfully these will be up next to the carpet so it will be hard to see. 

After a few hours of cutting - I ran out of tile! Go figure - I thought I had bought 10% extra like the experts suggest. Thankfully the store had more (as this was a closeout sale - $0.68 per sq ft. Yeah, baby!) and I welcomed the mid-afternoon break from the tedious work.

So even though I sent my SIL a text message saying "Girls can do anything boys can do - but better!" with a picture of my almost finished tile job, I do have a new found appreciation for the many, many tile jobs that Seth has taken on in the last few years. While I'm proud to say that I did this job all by myself, and I now know that I too can conquer a tile floor - I definitely don't want to do it again any time soon. In fact, I'm not even really looking forward to grouting. ugh. More time spend on my knees bent over the tile - yuck! But it will look soooo good when it's done. And I love a done project!

Over the weekend I also finished the patching, priming and painting. And I even installed two sconce lights and an overhead light. All by myself. Without electrocuting myself or setting the house on fire.

Can you hear my head getting bigger with my little project? I can! I'm pretty proud of myself - just call me Martha Villa! I can cook/clean/craft/bake a la Martha Stewart and I can dominate a remodel job just as good (well maybe not) as Bob Villa.


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