Santa left a sister under my tree!

I'm the only girl in my family - stuck smack between two boys. I love my brothers - tons in fact. And I never knew what I was missing by not having a sister. In fact, many would say that being the only girl was probably better than having a sister. But I don't know. I sometimes wish I had a sister, especially as I got older. But guess what Santa brought me for Christmas?! Yup - a shiny new SISTER! And her name is Maria - isn't she pretty?!

Obviously she's the one with dark hair - that other guy is my brother.

They are a perfect pair. She's a smarty - getting her MBA and working as a Marketing Director in conferencing and events. She graduated undergrad with a degree in opera performance! Yeah, that little 90 lb frame can belt out some latin love songs like non-other!
And she's sassy, too. Which is good for my straight-arrow, super-serious-at-all-times little brother. She makes him laugh and relax and do crazy stuff. Like dress up as Bleeker and Juno for halloweeen - aren't they perfect?!
Yup, I'm pretty stoked to have such a cool new sister for Christmas. I'll post beautiful wedding pictures next week. We're off to Costa Rica for the wedding - Maria's home! It's gonna be EPIC!

And just in time, too, cause we're getting snow in the city - and we'll be heading to 70-80 degree days south of the equator!

In the words of my mom (from her email to me yesterday), Party on! (yup, she really said that. Too funny!)

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Congrats on the sister. What a great Christmas gift! They are so cute.

Thank you so much for the kind comment and prayers. They really mean so much. He's out of surgery and in ICU and we're just waiting for the next time to see him. Prayer works! Thank you.


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