Progress But No Tree

I think I need to take a class on effective communication - with a spouse!

Somehow, I'm not exactly sure, we decided against getting a Christmas tree again. Six years and no tree.

Well, actually, "decided" is a strong word. I wouldn't say there was any particular decisiveness associated with the awkward conversation that went down in our house last night. I'd call it more a lack of action that led to no tree. Seems to be our trend. We can't make decisions, so things happen more due to lack of action.

Here's the scenario I came home to last night - as an insight, I took a late lunch and went home to find S on the couch "thinking" about getting his day started - at 1pm. Usually I would totally judge (because I know you are too) but he's had a rough week and deserves to sleep in a bit to recover and rest. But....he did mention that he would be working on the bathroom. And we had plans to get our Christmas tree and decorate last night too. I know - for all of you doing the mental calculations there is hardly enough time to put up bead board and re-install the toilet and sink and be ready to go get a tree by 5pm.

And that's not even mentioning the extra-curricular activities of window shopping and such that S decided to do before even getting the bead board.

So - back to my story - I get home at 4:45pm and see that S's truck is in the driveway with the garage closed, but the front door was open. I parked in the driveway next to his car and....

Let me take a moment and ask what you would do. Would you open the garage door and go in the back door? Or would you see the front door open and enter the house through the front door?

Right. I bet 90% of us would go through the open front door, right? Except the screened door was locked. So I rang the doorbell.

Bad decision. Dogs barking. S upset that he had to come upstairs to unlock the door. Oh, geez!

Not a good way to start the evening - one that was supposed to be filled with Christmas cheer!

So no tree but S continued work (with lots of assistance from me) on the bead board around the bathroom. Not exactly the evening I had anticipated, but I guess I can't complain about the progress on the bath.

In other good news, I'm getting a new camera - very soon! Finally! Pictures of the progress coming soon.

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