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Dude....I know it's ONLY December 8th, but I'm freaking out just a tad about holiday stuff. (Where did October go? I still have pumpkins on my front porch!)

Ironic from the girl without a single holiday decoration in her house. I know.

I just ran through my calendar and it is JAM PACKED with lots of unfun stuff - like work. Leaving me with exactly 30 hours total between now and December 25th to get a TON of stuff done.

And somehow S seems to think that we have all the time in the world. Yeah, he's a little naive. But in a really cute and slightly comforting way. I love how he says we have PLENTY of time to get gifts and get them wrapped and shipped back home, etc. Get this? He even offered to help with the shopping. So sweet. If only he had offered to stand in line for 3 hours at the post office to get everything mailed - now that would have earned some brownie points!

Here's my little list that's causing me to panic in a big way with my time management:
  • Pick up Mason jars
  • Hit the grocery store for hot cocoa ingredients
  • Hobby Lobby for ribbon and raffia
  • Put together gifts for neighbors and co-workers
  • Find baseball stadium coffee table type book for oldest nephew
  • gift card to Barnes and Noble and a clip on reading light for the nephew
  • Search for and purchase neat-o little zipper pouches for iShuffles for nephews and niece, some earbud organizer thingy would be ideal, too
  • Find some cool stationary items, stamp set, etc for niece (to go with her new desk)
  • Break down and finally buy a gift card for SIL because I still don't know exactly what to get for her birthday, and everything I do want to buy would be disastrous to ship
  • Ditto with best friends birthday gift
  • Finish wrapping and drop off wedding gift to brother sometime between now and tomorrow (PLENTY of time, right?!) since they leave on Saturday for wedding-ville
  • Which brings me to the wedding list: find passports, again
  • Through a bunch of random clothes into a suitcase and call it packing - what's the weather supposed to be like?
  • Don't forget all important dress and shoes for the wedding - everything else I think I can live without or purchase there in an emergency
  • Gift for the family housesitting and dog sitting for us while away at the wedding
  • Thankfully an appointment to get a mani/pedi is already on the calendar with a good friend - killing two birds with one stone, yes!

All this and I have tonight and tomorrow, a smidge bit of time on Sunday - and that's it folks. I better get in gear!

Happy Holidays!

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