Subtle Changes

Our neighbor's house is for sale. Last weekend they had an open house and invited all the neighbors to come by - an interesting gesture but seems more honest than sneaking neighbors creepily spying on your house, I suppose. Until we learned that the owner is also a realtor. No doubt trying to stir up some business as well as sell her home.

Anyways, we went to the open house. In the pictures on the flier, her kitchen layout looked like ours, except she had a more open entry way.
See that "window" looking cutout? That's what I want!!!!

And these counters and cabinets that go under the window...
I would love to do that to this

So jealous. Its what I would love to do. But our extra large window prevents us from adding the cabinets and countertop that would add so much space!

But - she did have another great idea. And so simple! Why didn't I think of it. See, we both have a built-in unit like this
And she had removed the doors (and painted the back wall as an accent). So guess what I did this weekend?

You'll have to wait until tomorrow when I can take a pictures or it!

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