Something Old, Something Awesome

I love thrifting. It's sort of a new addiction. When I first moved to Colorado over 6 years ago I found a great Goodwill with lots of great finds - probably because it's close to the posh neighborhood of Cherry Creek!

Now that we are in our second home, I've been thrift-looking for furniture. Almost a year ago I can across two of these beauties.

Being the good housewife that I am (and knowing that S would think these were a waste of money), I hid them in the back room of the basement. At least until they could get a new coat of paint and some new upholstery.

And now they look like this! Aren't they gorgeous? Sorry for the poor
picture quality. Maybe when I get my new camera I'll repost with updated and better photos.

And yet S still isn't sure about them. Oh, boys will be boys!

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