The Irony

Sorry for the recent absence. It seems our home is electronically challenged at the moment. Here's a brief list of all the things that aren't working right now:
  • the "p" on my blackberry - making it incredibly challenging to email, text or do anything really, although it has caused me to be a more creative writer find ways to say the same thing with words that don't include the letter "p".
  • apparently the Wii is not recognizing the wireless controllers, which has proved exceptionally frustrating for S and his friend as they can't play the new Goldeneye game that just came out. Thankfully, other than his frustration this doesn't affect me. Selfish. I know.
  • my camera - remember, nothing was "wrong" with the camera, per se. But this makes almost 4 weeks since I've had a camera. Yikes!
  • oh, and did I mention that part of my absence was due to the fact that our hard drive failed on our Mac. Yes. On our mac. I thought those things were invincible. Apparently not. I'm waiting for an update from our tech guys at work. Have you ever lived without a computer? It's so challenging! And shows how reliant I am on recipe websites, weather checking, and other nonsense.
  • That's about it - but, really, isn't that enough for one person?!

And may I just remind everyone that S works for a certain electronics store....seems a little ironic, doesn't it?

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