An early Christmas

You know those pesky "warranties" that stores always want you to purchase. Sometimes it seems like they just want to take on an extra zero onto your bill. Well, since Seth works at one of those places that offers those warranties, we sometimes do get them on major purchases. Like my first digital camera that he gave me for my birthday way back in 2005. And that was the last camera he bought me. But it's not the camera I'm using today! Well, actually, I don't have a camera right now. You see, with the warranty the camera is covered in the event that "something" happens to it. And the original camera got sand in the lens during our honeymoon. Sent it in and now we have a new (upgraded) camera. A few years later and "something" happened to it. So soon I will be getting a new (upgraded) camera. Until then, I'm camera-less.

While I would love one of these bad boys
8975184 Front Detail
I'm not sure that my photo skills demand such highly sophisticated technology quite yet.

In the meantime, maybe I can get my grubby hands on something like this

9766919 Front Large

Until then, no picture taking for me.... (sad face)

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