Bathroom update

I'm so glad that I posted Seth's little "surprise" back in September. I'm definitely getting old in the fact that I can't seem to remember details - like, how long has my bathroom been torn up? I would have had no idea without this little blog entry!

So the update is....
  • everything has been torn out
  • three rows of tile have been laid
  • that's all
We removed the tile that ran about 3 1/2 feet up the wall. We plan to put up bead board to cover the nastiness and add some detail.yay - not really sure what happened to the top of the shower - but I'm guessing the exposed studs mean we'll be putting up some sheet rock soon.And we'll need to finish the tile around the toilet (lots of cutting - ugh) and then grout.

Seth seems to have a very specific "order" to how he wants this done. When I offered to go get bead board and start putting it up this weekend, he said no. Apparently he thinks that bead board is the last step in the reno process.

With the holidays quickly approaching and thus a crazy work schedule for Seth, I'm hoping that we can make some progress in the next few weeks - at least to the point where he'll let me do some of the work unsupervised!

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