It's My Birthday Month

Call me crazy, but yes, I like to celebrate my birth month. A whole month of ME! A whole month of celebrating!

Here are some of the great ideas I have for celebrating -
  • Breakfast at Snooze - one of Denver's BEST breakfast joints and home of my all time favorite Caprese Egg's Benedict!
  • Bowling party with friends - and CAKE! Gotta have cake!
  • Dinner with the other half at Deluxe - only because the Oyster Shooters are so darn amazing!
  • a relaxing weekend in the mountains taking in the fresh air, playing with the doggies, maybe catching an easy hike and soaking up the sun - oh, and don't forget indulging in a brie and blueberry crepe in Breckenridge!
  • (is anyone noticing that half of these things include food?!)
  • a game of golf - and I mean a whole 18 holes!
  • cards in the mail from family and friends - I LOVE getting real mail!
  • a long leisurely walk around the neighborhood with the dogs and Seth followed by an evening enjoying a hammock (yes, I still want a hammock) and a glass of wine in the cool breeze of Colorado summer nights
It's not all that bad, is it? Nothing demanding, nothing outrageous. Just a little something-something to celebrate the close of my 20's.

1 comment:

micah @ the yellow front door said...

Happy birthday month! Sounds like you have some fun activities planned!


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