Closing out another decade

"Happy 30th Birthday. This now makes you the wisest one of the group."

That's what the sweet card said that came with the flowers. And all I kept thinking was, dang - really? Does that mean I have to be the "older" and supposedly "wiser" one of my friends? And that can't be - since I feel like some of them have lived more life than I have yet. I mean, come on, someone with four kids obviously is wiser than me! Right?

I started off my birthday by waking up at dawn to head to Boulder for a relatively short run in the flatirons. In my grogginess and rush to get out the door I almost missed these lovelies waiting to surprise me.

Aw - so sweet! All I wanted for my birthday was cupcakes and Seth came through with 5 gourmet cupcakes and a sweet handwritten love note.

It was such a beautiful day - a much better way to start a milestone birthday than sleeping in! The trail was a little rocky and steep at the beginning making it hard to enjoy the scenery for fear of biting it hard on one of the rocks underfoot. But once we summited the first ridge it was breathtaking! And it leveled out for a very short time before it turned into single-track trail again. 8 miles later I'd accomplished so much and it was only 9:30 am.

Once Seth got home from work we rested and made plans for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and some friends. We headed out for some late night sushi at the only place we ever go - Sushi Den. A few carafs of Purple Haze saki later we were rolling with laughter and celebrating in style.

From all the birthday cards, facebook messages and little gifts and surprises throughout the day it was wonderful. Too bad everyday can't be my birthday!

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