Closing out another decade

"Happy 30th Birthday. This now makes you the wisest one of the group."

That's what the sweet card said that came with the flowers. And all I kept thinking was, dang - really? Does that mean I have to be the "older" and supposedly "wiser" one of my friends? And that can't be - since I feel like some of them have lived more life than I have yet. I mean, come on, someone with four kids obviously is wiser than me! Right?

I started off my birthday by waking up at dawn to head to Boulder for a relatively short run in the flatirons. In my grogginess and rush to get out the door I almost missed these lovelies waiting to surprise me.

Aw - so sweet! All I wanted for my birthday was cupcakes and Seth came through with 5 gourmet cupcakes and a sweet handwritten love note.

It was such a beautiful day - a much better way to start a milestone birthday than sleeping in! The trail was a little rocky and steep at the beginning making it hard to enjoy the scenery for fear of biting it hard on one of the rocks underfoot. But once we summited the first ridge it was breathtaking! And it leveled out for a very short time before it turned into single-track trail again. 8 miles later I'd accomplished so much and it was only 9:30 am.

Once Seth got home from work we rested and made plans for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and some friends. We headed out for some late night sushi at the only place we ever go - Sushi Den. A few carafs of Purple Haze saki later we were rolling with laughter and celebrating in style.

From all the birthday cards, facebook messages and little gifts and surprises throughout the day it was wonderful. Too bad everyday can't be my birthday!


SomeBeaner Loves Me

Just got out of one of those meetings when you want to shout at someone "Get to the point!" I swear some people just like to hear themselves talk, but by the time their done I'm not always sure what it was they were commenting on or how it related to the general discussion.

So you can imagine my excitement and elation when I found these lovely ladies on my desk

There's a sweet girl fondly nicknamed Beaner out there that loves me! I just wish she lived closer so I could have real hugs. Until then, flowers will suffice!


Vacation Day 1 (for Seth)

Seth has 10 days off from work - supposedly to celebrate my big 3-0 which is later this month. As we have absolutely no plans (lame, I know) I'm going to chronicle the odd fun that we may encounter along the way.

Day One:

slept in until almost 11 am, dogs included
I surfed the internet while waiting form Prince Charming to come off his throne
So that hopefully we can be on our way to get coffee, breakfast (bagels), and run some errands

later tonight Seth is subbing for a softball game then we might be heading to our first Jaxx in the Park!

Wish us luck on vacation day #1!


Why I love summer

I think it goes without saying that I love summer.

Especially this....

and this

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today we signed papers on our second home. In fact, we moved in the same day too. We spent the morning loading up the U-haul and left our temporary residence near Boulder. We parked the U-haul at our "almost" home - and even left the dogs in the backyard to make themselves at home while we signed our lives away and go the keys!

Within hours we had the carpet ripped out of the two main bedrooms and began unloading all of our belongings into our new home. We've accomplished a lot in our second project home (we flipped our first!) and I'm so happy with all that we've done! We are definitely taking things at a more moderate pace this time around and being more conscious of budgeting for projects and not being in a hurry. And for that, I'm so thankful!

In honor of our one year, I wanted to share some before and after photos!

First Project: Ripping out the carpet to expose the beautiful hardwoods. The picture makes the carpet look decent - trust me, it was disgusting!

Bushes! We removed all of the hedges from
around the back yard patio - making the backyard
feel much bigger.

The front yard also got some updates.

The basement has completely transformed into usable space!

And we won't even tell you how awesome it is to have a new kitchen!

It's My Birthday Month

Call me crazy, but yes, I like to celebrate my birth month. A whole month of ME! A whole month of celebrating!

Here are some of the great ideas I have for celebrating -
  • Breakfast at Snooze - one of Denver's BEST breakfast joints and home of my all time favorite Caprese Egg's Benedict!
  • Bowling party with friends - and CAKE! Gotta have cake!
  • Dinner with the other half at Deluxe - only because the Oyster Shooters are so darn amazing!
  • a relaxing weekend in the mountains taking in the fresh air, playing with the doggies, maybe catching an easy hike and soaking up the sun - oh, and don't forget indulging in a brie and blueberry crepe in Breckenridge!
  • (is anyone noticing that half of these things include food?!)
  • a game of golf - and I mean a whole 18 holes!
  • cards in the mail from family and friends - I LOVE getting real mail!
  • a long leisurely walk around the neighborhood with the dogs and Seth followed by an evening enjoying a hammock (yes, I still want a hammock) and a glass of wine in the cool breeze of Colorado summer nights
It's not all that bad, is it? Nothing demanding, nothing outrageous. Just a little something-something to celebrate the close of my 20's.


Momma said..

Momma may have said there'd be days like this, but really, did she ever say it could be so rough?

Don't you hate when you suddenly get sick following a vacation? And laundry is piling up everywhere and you have no idea what to make for dinner?

It's one of those days-so tonight we're relaxing and having spaghetti while we frantically try to make travel arrangements to celebrate my 30th birthday. Yeah, it mauy not be til the end of the month but we took next week off of work-so we better hustle on these plans!

Meanwhile, I just realized I forgot to set the timer for the pasta. Awesome.


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