I'm okay - really

I'm okay - really! Just a little PMS-y (sorry for the overshare!). I'm just ready for the weekend - ready for some relaxation, ready for a vacation!

I got a great phone call yesterday from an old friend that I rarely get to chat with - and it was exactly what I needed to make me smile! So thank you all for your love and concern - I'm just a crabby monster - but I'll get over it!

Love you all and have a wonderful weekend!

I'm off the Nuggets game with a fabulous friend we call "Tasty" - aka Gwen!
I'm totally having one of those weeks where I keep thinking, "Is this it?" - "Is this what my life is supposed to be like?"

Because I don't think this is quite how I had imagined it at times.

Blech - I hate this feeling. I much prefer when this feeling doesn't come around. It makes me feel unhappy with my life. It makes me question my purpose and my decisions. I hate the "What if's" of life.

So although our week has been filled with sunshine and warmer temps, I'm feeling a little bit of storm clouds in my soul.

Hopefully this will pass soon...


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