What to do, what to do

I'm suffering from a recent broken nail on my right index finger - it ripped. Really. far. down. It's hanging on by a little corner. And not only does it suck to have broken it so far down, but it sucks to have 9 great nails - and one not so great nail. It just nullifies the others.

Exciting news - we got CARPET in the basement today! Woo-hoo! So now the question becomes

What to do with the fireplace?
The picture doesn't quite do it justice - the wall color is less yellow and the floor is less blah. I would LOVE to add a white mantel surround.

Seth wants to paint it white - like Young House Love.

But I'm not so sure. I'm nervous about painting the brick. I'm nervous about painting it white. What if we painted it a dark chocolate, and then left the book cases white and added a mantle and trim in white?

Here some more inspiration - like this chocolate brown paint job

This is gorgeous!

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