Sunday Quiet

I'm not really used to my weekends being filled with activities. In fact, my usual routine is kinda boring. But secretly I LOVE it.

This is a typical weekend for me:

Friday: Get off work a tad early, maybe run a quick errand and then head home to let the dogs out and start the cleaning! Yes, I spend my Friday nights cleaning. S is usually at work until late so I use the time to get everything in order.

In high school and even in college I could never study or get anything done until my "space" was clean. It some weird disorder that I have. But I need a clean space.

I start by dusting and getting all the little doggy hairs off the leather sofa, coffee table, etc. Then we sweep the wood floors, vacuum and swiffer. We do this in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms too. (I just realized I was using a plural pronoun - no, no one else is helping me, unless you count the dogs dragging in more dead grass and debris from outside!)

Mirrors, windows, toilets, shower, sink and counters are next. And then I can finally feel good in my space.

Saturday: I might try to run with Donna in the morning while S is at work again. Lately I've been finishing some paint jobs in the basement in preparation for carpet. Maybe make some cupcakes or cookies and enjoy a little lazy time before S gets home.

Sunday: My FAVORITE tradition - we wake up late (usually with the dogs spooning with us in bed!) and throw on sweats to go get coffee and bagels. If we think of it we grab a paper, or head out to go "window shopping" at Home Depot, Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx. All three favorite places for both of us! And then S heads off to work, and I take the dogs for a walk and finish up some house projects, etc.

But this weekend was all messed up and SUPER busy.

Seth got off early on Friday - which threw my cleaning schedule out the window. Thankfully he had already done some of the cleaning on Thursday (what a sweetie). Instead of "doing" anything on Friday we ordered Chinese and sat on the couch all night!

He also had Saturday morning off - except that I had a volunteer obligation on Saturday morning from 8-1pm - which is exactly when he left to go to work - until late. Bummer. So I spend the afternoon per usual painting, going grocery shopping, doing laundray, and making Chex mix and cupcakes.

And today he has the day off! But I don't really feel up to snowboarding - so he's off with a friend in the mountains and I'm home to ...

Enjoy a peaceful, quiet and relaxing day. That is until the Super Bowl and we have company and food to prepare, etc.

Enjoy your day!

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