A shopping spree

A few weeks ago while skiing at Vail, S came across an iPhone. When we successfully returned it to the rightful owner, he in turn offered us a $100 gift certificate to Z Gallerie. The owner of the iPhone turns out is the CFO of Z Gallerie!

So while anticipating my shopping spree, I thought I would do some on line shopping. Here is my little list of potential purchases:

Curtain panels for the living room - $34.99 each
Or these curtains for the living room - $49.95

Ooo, laaa laa! I love this! - $399

But this is GORGEOUS too. - $349

This classy vase - $29.95

Great cuddly throws - $69.95

I ADORE this chair - $649

or for fun, this little game - $14.95

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