Food Drawer

I'll admit, I have a food drawer at work. But who doesn't, right? I need a little something-something to get me through some days. Yes, I might prefer a small flask of something inappropriate for the workplace at times, but I refrain. Rather, I keep non perishable edibles in my file drawer.

If you looked in my drawer today you would find:

  • a big canister of raisins - the healthy sweet thing that satisfies my early hunger or my desire for after meal sweetness
  • tea bags
  • crystal light drink mix
  • emergen-C packets
  • an old single serving of soup - that will probably never get eaten
  • a used ziplock of oatmeal
  • and finally a REALLY old granola bar circa 1997, probably should just throw that out, huh?
Do you have a food stash at the office? If so, what do you keep on hand as your "go to" foods?

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