I found this great blog and it empowers me to see women doing these amazing things! Back in September I "built" a headboard for our guest bedroom. And I have to admit, it is fabulous!

The best part was the expression on S's face when he got home from work and found me in the garage painting what he thought was OUR head
board from the Master bedroom. Nope. It was a new and awesome headboard for the guest room! I think he was most freaked out to realize that I was using the table saw (and still had all my fingers) and that I had done something so cool.

I really want some new furniture but I prefer to not spend a fortune right now - which means, no new furniture. Unless....I can build it fo
r significantly less cost. With the warmer weather out lately, it means I could spend some time in the garage while Seth is at work and build myself a console table and/or bookshelves!

Something like this..

Dare me to do it?

Or what about these?
For the basement family room...

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