So in my quest to save money I did something fun this weekend. And not only did I save about $60 but I didn't spend a lot of time doing it!

I'm in need of some new work pants. I have a few pairs of black pants - that fit in a variety of ways. Some are short and I wear ballet flats. Some are tight and it has to be a "skinny" day to wear them. Others are wide legged, and one is a really nice pair of sleek pants that I have to wear heels with. Aside from my small army of black pants, however, I have few lower body garment options. I love how my gray Express Editor pants fit and thought about heading to the mall to check out any possible sales or clearance pants knowing that I would still spend $40 on a pair of pants.

Well, instead of going to the mall I decided to hit up the local Goodwill. Thankfully my local Goodwill happens to be smack dab in the middle of a very affluent neighborhood in Denver. When I first moved to Denver 6 years ago I frequented this Goodwill and often found some surprising pieces. It's like the designer or name brand Goodwill. It's awesome.

I didn't have super high hopes, but I thought I would just pop in to see what they had. I found....

...a step stool, that is necessary for reaching my shoes in my closet and some of my dishes/spices/cooking pans in the kitchen. It will look so great when I get a chance to paint it!

...some awesome (we'll pretend their vintage) necklaces in blue, green and a funky gray. They had some amazing pieces and so many!

...these almost brand new looking Express Editor brown patterned pants! Perfect for work and in my size! I just need to hem the bottoms a bit and they are ready to wear!

All this for $22!! I don't know if it was just my lucky day or if I will always find these awesome deals at my local, yet posh, Goodwill. Either way, I think I might have to make the Goodwill a more regular stop on my shopping days!

(pictures to come soon)

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