An abusive job

How bad doesn't it have to get before you can justify leaving? When is it so bad that you stop making excuses and do something about it?

I have often heard these questions associated with women in abusive relationships.

I think my job is an abusive relationship.

And I'm not making light of abusive relationships.

Today I'm forced to realize that while my job "isn't that bad" and it's "not bad all the time" my realization is that it is becoming extremely unhealthy.

I feel worse about myself when at work.

I find myself making excuses for why my job is not good.

I continue to find new ways to make things better, with the same result of disappointment and unfulfillment.

So I ask myself - how bad does it have to get before I can justify leaving?

- Next blog entry should be "Fear. What holds me back from leaving."

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