We Are Family....Soon to Be!

The news is out - my baby brother is getting MARRIED! And to this lovely lady, no less...
Way to go Greg! And welcome to our crazy family, Maria! (not that she hasn't already gotten a taste of our craziness over the last 4 years)
I think she'll fit right in! So happy for the both of you!

We've literally been waiting for the engagement to happen for...well, for quite a while. Secretly (or not so secretly!) Seth and I have been waiting because we knew that the wedding would be in Costa Rica - which means VACATION and CELEBRATION! Woot, woot!

We are so super excited for Greg and Maria - but, as with any wedding, there are already some "issues." On top of some legal documentation that needs to be addressed and the current economy, it seems there may be some concern about attendance at the Costa Rica celebratory marital union event. Personally, I'm just glad that I have 9-12 months to start pinching my pennies to save for the wedding (something that Seth and I did not plan for our wedding guests).

Seth and I have talked and we've decided that no matter what we will be at their wedding. Even if it means eating Ramen noodles for months to save enough for the plane tickets. We love these two and we know how important it is to support them in their new life together. But I also understand the concerns that they must be going through in planning a wedding of mixed culture, religion, language, etc, etc.

Which makes me think - with all the craziness that accompanies weddings and the planning process, what REALLY matters about a wedding? I mean, look at our family alone. My brother eloped in Las Vegas on an amusement ride, Seth and I basically called off our wedding due to stress and had a planned elopement (to which people were invited) in Mexico, and now my brother is facing the issues that come with wedding planning mayhem. I must applaud them for at least attempting a semblance of a traditional wedding. More power to ya, buddy. Cuz none of the rest of us could handle the pressures!

Back to the question - what REALLY matters about a wedding?
Is it the dress?
No, but it sure does seem to play an important role considering they make TV Shows about finding the perfect dress.

Is it the venue?
While this may be where many weddings spend the most cash, I don't think it particularly matters if you get married in your families barn or in the Botanic Gardens or the family church (that you probably haven't attended since you were 16 years old).

Is it the theme? or the flowers?
While I've heard a theme can make-or-break a good party, I don't really think that a wedding particularly needs much more of a theme than "union of two hearts and souls." And all I can say about flowers is if your gonna have them, make sure they are in season.

No - none of this hooplah means anything except to add to the specialness of the day for the couple.

What mattes is this -
That the couple respects the seriousness of their union in marriage
That family and friends are present to support and love the couple - and to model a lasting love relationship
and that families celebrate the union of two groups as one!

The number of bridesmaids, the music and flowers, even whether or not the wedding is held on a Tuesday or in a church has no bearing on the marriage. The catering will soon be forgotten along with the color of the centerpieces and the flavor of cake. What will leave a lasting impression is the love that surrounded the couple on their day, supported by those that they wanted to share this day with. This will set the tone for the beginning of their new lives together. Even if their family is a little crazy, the couple will remember that they were loved that day as they began their own family together from that day forward.

I am honored to have been included as a guest to celebrate Greg and Maria's wedding - no matter the circumstances, location, religion or culture. I am honored to love my brother and my new sister. Because however it happens, they will be my family forever.

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Ashley said...

I reunited with your blog after you commented on mine and it's really interesting. I love how you write with such honesty. I've thought a lot about this topic and I agree with what you wrote. I feel like people plan far too much for the wedding and not enough for the marriage. We would definitely scale back our 500 guest crazy stressful wedding we had 7 years ago if we had to do over again.


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